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“OpenAI Would Not Exist Without Microsoft” according to Microsoft CEO

According to Benzinga reported on Monday local time, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently gave an interview and emphasized Microsoft’s development in the leading artificial intelligence company OpenAI. He highlighted the “key role” played by Microsoft in the growth of OpenAI.

Nadella expressed, “OpenAI wouldn’t exist without our early support. Today, they have become an incredible company and we are honored to be a part of their growth.”.

Nadella also discussed the broader field of AI, mentioning that there is “healthy competition” among major technology companies which creates important opportunities for global progress. He stated, “I think it’s very healthy when all the people are competing against each other, which means it creates real opportunities for benefit in the world.”

Nadella emphasized the need for vigilance against new players entering the game whenever someone gets excited about an existing business.

In 2019, Microsoft invested US$1 billion in OpenAI and will invest an additional US$10 billion in 2021 (approximately 72.5 billion yuan). Despite these substantial investments, Microsoft does not hold any ownership rights in OpenAI. Instead, it is entitled to a certain amount of profit sharing from specific OpenAI subsidiaries.

A Microsoft spokesperson stated in December last year, “The details of our agreement remain confidential. Microsoft does not own any shares in OpenAI; we only have the right to share the profit distribution.”

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