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Qualcomm Beats Apple M3 With The Snapdragon X Plus

In October last year, Qualcomm launched the Snapdragon X Elite high-performance platform for notebook computers at the Snapdragon Summit, signaling a renewed push into the PC industry. Following this, Qualcomm has introduced a new addition to the Snapdragon X family – the Snapdragon X Plus.

The Snapdragon X Plus boasts impressive technical specifications. Built on advanced 4nm process technology, it features Qualcomm’s Oryon CPU with 10 custom high-performance cores reaching a max frequency of 3.4GHz and a total cache capacity of 42MB. It supports LPDDR5x memory and its integrated Adreno GPU offers computing power of 3.8TFLOPS. Additionally, the Snapdragon X Plus includes the Qualcomm Hexagon NPU, the fastest NPU in the world with computing power reaching 45TOPS.

Qualcomm rewrites the Arm PC industry! Detailed explanation of Snapdragon X Plus: better performance than Apple M3

Qualcomm executives have emphasized the exceptional performance capabilities of the Snapdragon X Plus processor. In direct comparison with the Apple M3 processor, the Snapdragon X Plus CPU, integrated with Qualcomm Oryon technology, boasts a remarkable 10% increase in multi-threaded performance, achieving an impressive score of 13350 points. Furthermore, across a spectrum of performance evaluations, the Snapdragon X Plus outpaces rival platforms such as the Intel Core Ultra and AMD Ryzen, demonstrating superior performance and energy efficiency.

Notably, the Snapdragon X Plus excels in graphics performance, particularly evident in rigorous tests like 3DMark WildLife Extreme, while simultaneously offering unmatched energy efficiency when benchmarked against industry standards. The incorporation of a robust Neural Processing Unit (NPU) within the Snapdragon X Plus further enhances its prowess, delivering exceptional support for AI-driven applications across diverse sectors.

Beyond performance benchmarks, the Snapdragon X Plus platform encompasses cutting-edge features across graphics processing, connectivity, imaging, and audio domains, ensuring a holistic and immersive user experience. Devices leveraging the Snapdragon X Plus platform are primed to support ultra-high-definition displays, advanced connectivity protocols, top-tier camera capabilities, and state-of-the-art audio enhancements, thereby elevating overall functionality to new heights.

In contrast to its predecessor, the Snapdragon X Elite, the Snapdragon X Plus exhibits significant performance enhancements across various performance metrics. Anticipated for a mid-2024 launch, devices powered by the Snapdragon X Plus platform are poised to make a significant impact upon release. If these devices deliver on their promise of exceptional performance and compatibility, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X platform stands poised to revolutionize the PC market, particularly within the realms of sleek and lightweight laptops and AI-driven computing, where Snapdragon’s unparalleled performance and energy efficiency present a compelling proposition.