“RK Royal Kludge RK61 60% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard – RGB Red Switch, 61 Keys, Software Included”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description We adopt RK Switch to provide you with a better Typing Gaming experience. You can choose the switch type that best suits you according to your needs. Hot-Swappable Blue Switch: Blue Switch can offer quicker and springier response, crisp click sound for spring Typing enjoyment, precise tactile feedback for ultimate Gaming performance.Hot-Swappable Brown Switch: Slightly quieter and easier to trigger than the Blue Switch. Halfway between a Typing and a Gaming Switch. Some people prefer Brown Switch since it enables you to Double Tap faster and typists like them because they still have a good Tactile feedback, but the audio feedback isn’t quite as noticeable as Blue Switch.Hot-Swappable Red Switch: Linear Switch, meaning that the force at the beginning and the end of each stroke is nearly identical. The result is a feel that most perceive as “smoother” and “faster” making them especially popular among Gaming enthusiasts. Red Switch is the best fit switch using in Office. RK61 RGB Programmer (Check your keyboard PID before download GamingForce Software): bit.ly/RK61SOFT bit.ly/RKRGBSOFT (The programmer is only for Windows System currently) Notes: If you haven’t used Bluetooth mode for a long time, you need to press FN+Space to reset the keyboard to reconnect through bluetooth.Please don’t download other version firmware or software. RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Mechanical Keyboard Package Content: 1xRK61 Mechanical Keyboard1x Coiled Keyboard Cable1xKeycap Puller4xRK Switches1x 2.4Ghz Receiver1xUser Manual Specifications: Size: 11.4×3.9×1.7 inchesModes: Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz and Type-c USBSystems Support: Compatible with Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10, IOS, Macos, Linux, Android Coiled Aviator Cable Equipped with fancy looking coiled aviator cable. It comes easy for you to match your gaming keyboard or other accessories. It also adds texture to your desk setup and makes your keyboard look awesome! Ergonomic Design 8° Ergonomic angle of the pc gaming keyboard can help you relieve straining and alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome effectively. The wireless rk61 gives you the comfort you need for marathon gaming sessions. Double Shot Keycaps The keycaps of RK61 adopts double shot process which is more wear-resisting and has a better light transmittance. Combined with RGB backlit, the wireless gaming keyboard will provide you a charming gaming environment. Good Compatibility This 60% mechanical keyboard is compatible with Windows / MacOS / Android. Perfect fit for most phone, tablet and computer on the market. You can switch systems by simply pressing the Fn+A/S key. Portable&Space-Saving Size RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 is only 11.4×3.9×1.7 inches. This mini portable size allows you put it in your backpack and computer bag for traveling, office, gaming.You can also save a lot of space on your desk for phone or other devices. Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars 9,048 4.6 out of 5 stars 573 4.2 out of 5 stars 324 4.3 out of 5 stars 80 Price $56.99$56.99 $69.99$69.99 $49.99$49.99 $39.99$39.99 Keyboard Color Black / White White/Green/Blue White Pink/ White Keys Layout 60% / 61Keys 80% / 87Keys 65% / 68Keys 75% / 87Keys Connection 2.4Ghz Wireless / Bluetooth / Wired 2.4Ghz Wireless / Bluetooth / Wired Bluetooth / Wired 2.4Ghz Wireless / Bluetooth / Wired Backlight RGB RGB RGB RGB DIY Software ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Switch Type Hot Swappable Hot Swappable Hot Swappable Hot Swappable Switch Color Blue / Brown / Red SkyCyan / Brown / Speed Silver Blue / Brown / Red Pink Case ABS ABS ABS ABS Keycaps ABS ABS ABS ABS 【3 Modes Connectivity】 With 2.4Ghz wireless, Bluetooth, and USB wired 3 modes connection, this is a wireless gaming keyboard that no longer limits how you can connect. What’s more, in Bluetooth mode, you can connect up to 3 devices. Compatible with Windows/ MacOS/ Android.【61 Keys Compact Design】No additional number keys, can meet you demands in Office or Home. The Mini 60% Mechanical Keyboard is Space-saving and Portable. Equipped with extra 4.7Ft-Grey coiled keyboard cable. USB C custom double-sleeved cable for mechanical gaming keyboard. Compact 61 keys with metal aviator connector braided cables, dedicated for FPS Gamers and efficient working.【Hot-Swappable Red Switch】Linear Switch, meaning that the force at the beginning and the end of each stroke is nearly identical. The result is a feel that most perceive as “smoother” and “faster” making them especially popular among Gaming enthusiasts.【RGB Backlit】This 60% Custom Mechanical Keyboard has 18 RGB Backlight Modes, 8 monochrome Backlight Modes and 1 full Color Backlight. These light modes can provide you a charming gaming environment at night.【Ergonomic Designed】The RK61 is designed with 8°Ergonomic angle which can help you relieve straining effectively.The integrated wrist rest gives you the comfort you need for marathon gaming sessions.

The RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Mechanical Keyboard offers a customizable typing and gaming experience with hot-swappable switches in blue, brown, and red options. The keyboard features an 8° ergonomic angle, double shot keycaps, and RGB backlighting for a comfortable and visually appealing setup. It is compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Android systems and offers multiple connectivity options including 2.4Ghz wireless, Bluetooth, and USB wired connections. The compact size and portable design make it ideal for traveling and saving space on your desk. The keyboard also comes with a coiled aviator cable for added style and convenience. Overall, the RK61 Mechanical Keyboard provides a versatile and enjoyable typing and gaming experience at an affordable price point.

Price: $75.99 - $56.99
(as of Jun 30, 2024 10:43:30 UTC – Details)

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“KDYGPDCT 2-Pack Wireless Controllers for PS4/Pro/PS3: Double Shock, Audio, Motion Sensor & Share Button”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description ps4 controller 2 pack 2 pack remote ps4 pack ps4 romote controller ps-4 romote 1 REPLACEMENT FOR PS4 2 DUALSHOCK 4 FUNCTION 3 SOCIAL SHARING & OPTIONS 4 WIDE COMPATIBILITY KDYGPDCT 2 Pack Wireless Controller for PS4 ps4 controllersps4 controllers PS4 game remote ps4 game controller for game game controller for ps4 55 game controller for ps4 1 PLAY WITH FRIENDS 2 PARENT-CHILD PLAY TIME 3 ENJOY THE GAME 4 SUPPORT TWO-PALY GAMES 5 FAMILY FUNNY Meet All Design and Functions of Game Controller ps4 remoteps4 remote

Use KDYGPDCT Wireless Controller to Experience Gaming Immersively

Exterior: Custom camouflage style Vibration: Enhanced dual vibration Motion Sensor: Latest 6 axis motion sensor(3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer) Touch Pad: Clickable multi-touch pad Headset Jack: 3.5mm stereo audio jack LED Light Bar: Yes Share Button: Yes Ergonomics: Yes Material: ABS plastic Rechargeable Battery: 1000mAh Charging Time: 2 hours Working Time: 10-12 hours Charging Methods: Charging dock and USB cable(With charging cables) What you will get: 2 custom camouflage PS-4 controllers - charging cable
2 Pack Wireless Controller Set: KDYGPDCT camouflage green and camouflage gray controller 2-pack, new upgrade in 2023, ultimate gaming experience. 2023's new camouflage-style controller improves the game's sense of operation and interaction.
Ergonomic Design:The wireless controller is ergonomically designed to keep your hands comfortable during long hours of gaming. The controller mainly improves the feel, shape and sensitivity of the dual analog sticks and trigger buttons, and is suitable for children and adults, making it the perfect family gamepad.
Compatible with Most Platforms: The 2-pack controller is compatible with PS4/PS3/Pro/Slim/PC/Android OS/iPhone/iPad, you can use this controller to enjoy various games on multiple platforms.
Special Upgrade Focus:The controller has a built-in 6-axis sensor and 360° non-slip joystick, with dual vibration, acceleration/gravity sensing, touch button, touchpad, share button, 3.5mm headphone jack, LED light and speaker.
1000mA Battery Capacity: The 2-pack controller uses a 1000mAh rechargeable battery, supports fast charging, can be fully charged in as little as 2 hours, and the fully charged controller can be used continuously for 12 hours. 2 packs of controllers can be used continuously for 24 hours
Controller Service: KDYGPDCT high-quality controller set of 2, if you are not satisfied with the controller,We will wholeheartedly provide you with complete after-sales service.
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“Red-White 68-Key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Colorful Backlight and Red Switches”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description Mechanical Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard mechanical keybord mechanical keybord mechanical keyboard mechanical keyboard Mechanical Keyboard

Red switches mechanical keys emit little noise and are suitable for both work and gaming.

mechanical keyboard mechanical keyboard Wired Keyboard

Usb/Type-c interface, plug and play, no delay in response when connected to computer.

mechanical keyboard mechanical keyboard Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Multiple backlight modes, more exciting for night use.

mechanical keyboard mechanical keyboard Portable Keyboard

It is 65% the size of a full-size keyboard and is easy to carry.

mechanical keyboard mechanical keyboard mechanical keyboard mechanical keyboard ------Blue Backlit Keyboard mechanical keyboard mechanical keyboard ------Rainbow Backlit Keyboard Compare with other items Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars 32 4.6 out of 5 stars 29 4.6 out of 5 stars 29 4.6 out of 5 stars 29 4.2 out of 5 stars 175 4.2 out of 5 stars 175 4.4 out of 5 stars 276 Price $21.99$21.99 $21.99$21.99 $22.99$22.99 $22.99$22.99 $22.99$22.99 $23.99$23.99 $19.99$19.99 Style Mechanical Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard membrane keyboard Lighting Rainbow Backlit Blue Backlit Blue Backlit Rainbow Backlit Rainbow Backlit Rainbow Backlit RGB Backlit Number Of Keys 68 68 68 68 63 63 61 Connectivity Tech USB-C USB-C USB-C USB-C USB-C USB-C USB-C Inches 12.28 x 4.09 x 1.38 inches 12.28 x 4.09 x 1.38 inches 12.28 x 4.09 x 1.38 inches 12.28 x 4.09 x 1.38 inches 11.41 x 3.93 x 1.38 inches 11.41 x 3.93 x 1.38 inches 11.5 x 4.02 x 1.57 inches
🔥Mechanical Switch Excellence: Featuring red mechanical switches and full key rollover technology, this keyboard delivers an outstanding typing and gaming experience. Enjoy responsive keystrokes, rapid response times, and low-key noise.
※ Multiple Colorful Backlit Mode: The combination of Colorful backlit and red-white keycaps provides a visually captivating experience for work and gaming. Each backlit key remains clearly visible even in low-light conditions.
※ 65% Compact Design: With a 68-key layout, this keyboard is ideal for users who need to save desktop space without sacrificing essential functions.
※ Ergonomic Design: High and Low Keys Ergonomically designed for comfort during extended use, this keyboard includes anti-slip pads on the bottom to prevent unwanted movement while typing.
※ Universal Compatibility: Compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems, ensuring a consistent premium experience no matter your choice of computer. Key Line Separation, Plug and Play, the Type-C Port is inserted into the keyboard, and the USB Port is connected to the PC/Mac.
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“Wireless Switch Pro Controller: RGB Game Joystick for Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mobile”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description switch controllerswitch controller SWITCH CONTROLLER SWITCH CONTROLLER Nintendo switch controller switch controller nintendo switch controller nintendo switch controller switch controllerswitch controller switch controller pc controller phone controller nintendo switch controllernintendo switch controller switch controllerswitch controller nintendo switch controllernintendo switch controller
🎮【Cool LIGHTS SWITCH CONTROLLER 】 LED Light switch pro controller forms a cool game lighting atmosphere. 6 different LED modes: Colorful mode, Breathing Colorful, Solid LED of 7 colors/Breath LED of 7 colors/Flashing LED/LED off. The memory function will go to the last LED mode. And you also can adjust the brightness of LED. (Not Support NFC Function)
🎮【COOL LED REMOTE FOR MULTI-PLATFORM】 2 WAYS CONNECTION: ①Wireless connection for Switch games, iOS MFI games(IOS 13.0 and above) Android HID games; ② Only Wired connection for PC games that support X-Input and Steam. Note: USB wired connect to PC model(Windows 7 and above) , not support wireless connect to Windows PC. Compatible with devices Switch/Lite/OLED, iOS MFi, Android HID, and wired connect to Windows 7/8/10
🎮【CUSTOM BUTTONS & ADJUSTABLE TURBO FOR ALL MUTIL-PLATFORM】With macro function key [M], ML/MR back buttons can map basic function keys of A/B/X/Y/L/ZL/R/ZR/L3/R3/D-pad to reach 1-20 combine function, to meet all your need in different game to improve game experience. Double click [SR] [SL] can temporarily open/close key function of macro function. Support Auto TURBO/Manual TURBO mode. 3 adjustable speeds: 5shots/s, 12 shots/s and 20 shots/s.
🎮【VIBRATION FUNCTION ONLY FOR SWITCH/WINDOWS PC】Built-in dual vibration motors with 3-level vibration feedback: None, Weak and Strong. which provide you excellent vibration feedback to enhance the game immersion in switch games and windows pc computer games. Press and hold L, R, ZL, ZR at the same time to cycle through the vibration intensity.
🎮【MOTION CONTROL & ONE KEY WAKE-UP ONLY FOR SWITCH】Built-in 6-axis gyro sensors provide stability and direction by sensing motion caused by vibrations, that help you make a quick response in your switch games. Support One Key Wake Up your switch console after first connection. Then next time you just simply press "HOME" key to wake up and re-connect your Switch console
🎮【1000mAh HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY】The wireless pro controllers for switch built-in 1000mAh battery which provide more than 16 hours playing time on RGB LED lit mode, you can enjoy longer game playing without interruption, only need 3 hours to fully charged with an included USB type c fast charging cable. Connected state, if no operation within 20 minutes, the controller automatically shut down,simply press "HOME" key to wake up and re-connect your Switch console.
🎮【WHAT YOU GET & 1-YEAR WARRANTY】 It’s comfortable, and the colors and art work are just a bonus. Package list: 1X Wireless Pro Switch Controller; 1X USB Type C Charging Cable; 1X User Manual . For user support: Any question please contact our world-class, friendly support team for quick solution.
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ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Linear Gaming Keyboard: Compact Design, AIMO RGB Lighting, Titan Switch, Detachable USB-C Cable: Available now at [price_with_discount]

The ROCCAT Vulcan TKL is a tenkeyless variant of the award-winning Vulcan keyboard family. This smaller form factor means gamers have room for a larger pad and can use a bigger range of a mouse movements, ultimately giving them greater accuracy. The linear Titan Switch Mechanical delivers the industry’s best in speed and responsiveness. The switch adds to a comprehensive feature set that gamers know and love. The low-profile design is engineered for comfort. Impressive durability and build quality thanks to its reinforcing black anodized aluminum top plate, switches rated to 100 million keystrokes, dedicated mixer-style audio controls and per-key AIMO RGB lighting. To ensure additional peace of mind we provide a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty.
TITAN SWITCH MECHANICAL (LINEAR) - Designed and built entirely by ROCCAT engineers and developed for gamers who love the feel of mechanical switches but demand a smooth and rapid actuation
TENKEYLESS FORM FACTOR - This smaller factor allows for a larger pad and a bigger range of mouse movements, improving your aiming accuracy
ADVANCED ANTI-GHOSTING - Technology optimized for gamers to ensure every key stroke of the most-used keys is registered – no matter how frantic the action gets
CUSTOMIZED YOUR WAY - ROCCAT’s Easy-Shift[plus] technology adds a secondary function to compatible keys; Just hold down the designated modifier key for double the command power in an instant
MIXER-STYLE MEDIA CONTROLS - The tactile volume dial and mute button allow you to adjust volume and mute/unmute on the fly; Instant Control at your fingertips
AIMO ILLUMINATION - ROCCAT’s proprietary lighting eco-system connects compatible devices present vivid lighting scenarios right out of the box, without the need for extensive configuration; With full backlighting in 16.8 million colors
TOURNAMENT READY - The introduction of a detachable USB-C cable provides portability, whilst the on-board profile storage ensures you hit the same top performance at home and away