“HyperX Alloy Rise: The Ultimate Hot-Swappable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

As the world’s most customizable toolless mechanical gaming keyboard on the market5, the HyperX Alloy Rise takes personalization to the next level. Not only can you hot-swap in key switches, but also magnetic top plates, badges, and more. All that customization is built onto the Alloy Rise’s solid frame and ultra-responsive 8k polling rate. Out of the box, this keyboard features pre-lubed HyperX Linear Switches rated for up to 80 million keypresses1  as well as pre-installed HyperX PBT Keycaps. You’ll also get an upgraded RGB experience courtesy of the ambient light sensor that auto-adjusts the brightness, 10 keyboard profiles saved directly to the keyboard, and powerful customization via HyperX NGENUITY Software. Get one step closer to your endgame with the HyperX Alloy Rise. Copious customization options: With swappable toolless top plates, badges, and rotary knobs, you’ll have a wealth of ways to show off your own individual style. Rise up!Hot-swappable keyboard: Take keyboard personalization even further with the ability to hot-swap your key switches of choice into the board.Smart ambient light sensor: Alloy Rise is the world’s first gaming keyboard to introduce an ambient light sensor that dynamically adjusts the backlighting of your RGB to your environmental lighting conditions. Just tweak your preferences in NGENUITY and you’re set!Gasket mounted keyboard: The Alloy Rise is gasket mounted, and pairs that feature with smooth, easy-actuating HyperX Linear Switches to make your typing an even more comfortable experience.Superb keypress stability and reliability: HyperX Linear Switches have a half-wall POM stem for better stability of the preinstalled HyperX PBT Keycaps. They’re also factory lubed for smooth actuation and rated for up to 80 million keypresses.Dedicated media controls: Take control of your entertainment with dedicated media controls for forward, back, play and pause. Use the rotary knob to adjust or mute the volume.

The HyperX Alloy Rise is a highly customizable and innovative mechanical gaming keyboard that allows for extensive personalization. It features hot-swappable key switches, magnetic top plates, badges, and more, all built onto a solid frame with an ultra-responsive 8k polling rate. The keyboard comes equipped with pre-lubed HyperX Linear Switches and PBT Keycaps, providing a smooth and reliable typing experience rated for up to 80 million keypresses. The Alloy Rise also offers enhanced RGB lighting with an ambient light sensor that adjusts brightness based on environmental lighting conditions, as well as 10 keyboard profiles and customizable settings via the HyperX NGENUITY Software.

The keyboard’s copious customization options include swappable toolless top plates, badges, and rotary knobs, allowing users to showcase their individual style. The hot-swappable keyboard feature allows for easy customization of key switches, while the gasket-mounted design and HyperX Linear Switches ensure comfortable and stable typing. Dedicated media controls and a rotary knob for volume adjustment further enhance the user experience.

Overall, the HyperX Alloy Rise is a high-performance gaming keyboard that caters to gamers looking for a personalized and reliable input device. With its advanced customization options, innovative features like the ambient light sensor, and durable construction, the Alloy Rise is a versatile and powerful tool for gamers seeking the ultimate gaming experience.

Price: $199.99
(as of Jul 02, 2024 14:48:35 UTC – Details)

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“Xbox 360 Wireless Controller: Perfect for Windows & Console Gaming”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Freedom to play your way. Get your game on and play in freedom with this comfortable wireless controller.
Wireless: Integrated 2.4 GHz high-performance wireless technology lets you control the action from up to 30 feet away
For PC and Xbox 360: Works across Microsoft's gaming platforms. Xbox 360 Controller for Windows works with most Windows 8 PCs and Xbox 360, delivering a consistent and universal gaming experience
Vibration feedback: Get a better feel for the game. Vibration feedback ensures riveting game play every time
Ergonomic: Play in total comfort. Award winning compact ergonomics provide a more comfortable gaming experience
Xbox Live play: Integrated headset jack for PC headsets and Xbox Live play
Controller does not come with wireless receiver. Receiver needs to be purchased separately
Play where you want - A 2.4 GHz wireless connection with up to a 30-foot range means you have more room to move.
Feel the action - Vibration feedback gives you a riveting gaming experience.
PC gaming at its best - Precise thumb sticks, two pressure-point triggers, and an 8-way directional pad help you stay in control.
For PC and Xbox 360 - Works across Microsoft's gaming platforms. Xbox 360 Controller for Windows works with most Windows XP-based PCs and Xbox 360, delivering a consistent and universal gaming experience.
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“RK Royal Kludge RK61 60% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard – RGB Red Switch, 61 Keys, Software Included”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description 11 33

We adopt RK Switch to provide you with a better Typing Gaming experience. You can choose the switch type that best suits you according to your needs.

Hot-Swappable Blue Switch: Blue Switch can offer quicker and springier response, crisp click sound for spring Typing enjoyment, precise tactile feedback for ultimate Gaming performance.Hot-Swappable Brown Switch: Slightly quieter and easier to trigger than the Blue Switch. Halfway between a Typing and a Gaming Switch. Some people prefer Brown Switch since it enables you to Double Tap faster and typists like them because they still have a good Tactile feedback, but the audio feedback isn't quite as noticeable as Blue Switch.Hot-Swappable Red Switch: Linear Switch, meaning that the force at the beginning and the end of each stroke is nearly identical. The result is a feel that most perceive as “smoother” and "faster" making them especially popular among Gaming enthusiasts. Red Switch is the best fit switch using in Office. RK61 mechanical keyboardRK61 mechanical keyboard

RK61 RGB Programmer (Check your keyboard PID before download GamingForce Software):

bit.ly/RK61SOFT bit.ly/RKRGBSOFT (The programmer is only for Windows System currently) 11 Notes:

If you haven't used Bluetooth mode for a long time, you need to press FN+Space to reset the keyboard to reconnect through bluetooth.Please don't download other version firmware or software. RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Mechanical Keyboard Package Content:

1xRK61 Mechanical Keyboard1x Coiled Keyboard Cable1xKeycap Puller4xRK Switches1x 2.4Ghz Receiver1xUser Manual Specifications:

Size: 11.4x3.9x1.7 inchesModes: Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz and Type-c USBSystems Support: Compatible with Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10, IOS, Macos, Linux, Android 88

Coiled Aviator Cable

Equipped with fancy looking coiled aviator cable. It comes easy for you to match your gaming keyboard or other accessories. It also adds texture to your desk setup and makes your keyboard look awesome!





Ergonomic Design

8° Ergonomic angle of the pc gaming keyboard can help you relieve straining and alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome effectively.

The wireless rk61 gives you the comfort you need for marathon gaming sessions. Double Shot Keycaps

The keycaps of RK61 adopts double shot process which is more wear-resisting and has a better light transmittance.

Combined with RGB backlit, the wireless gaming keyboard will provide you a charming gaming environment. Good Compatibility

This 60% mechanical keyboard is compatible with Windows / MacOS / Android. Perfect fit for most phone, tablet and computer on the market.

You can switch systems by simply pressing the Fn+A/S key. Portable&Space-Saving Size

RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 is only 11.4x3.9x1.7 inches. This mini portable size allows you put it in your backpack and computer bag for traveling, office, gaming.You can also save a lot of space on your desk for phone or other devices. Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars 9,048 4.6 out of 5 stars 573 4.2 out of 5 stars 324 4.3 out of 5 stars 80 Price $56.99$56.99 $69.99$69.99 $49.99$49.99 $39.99$39.99 Keyboard Color Black / White White/Green/Blue White Pink/ White Keys Layout 60% / 61Keys 80% / 87Keys 65% / 68Keys 75% / 87Keys Connection 2.4Ghz Wireless / Bluetooth / Wired 2.4Ghz Wireless / Bluetooth / Wired Bluetooth / Wired 2.4Ghz Wireless / Bluetooth / Wired Backlight RGB RGB RGB RGB DIY Software ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Switch Type Hot Swappable Hot Swappable Hot Swappable Hot Swappable Switch Color Blue / Brown / Red SkyCyan / Brown / Speed Silver Blue / Brown / Red Pink Case ABS ABS ABS ABS Keycaps ABS ABS ABS ABS
【3 Modes Connectivity】 With 2.4Ghz wireless, Bluetooth, and USB wired 3 modes connection, this is a wireless gaming keyboard that no longer limits how you can connect. What’s more, in Bluetooth mode, you can connect up to 3 devices. Compatible with Windows/ MacOS/ Android.
【61 Keys Compact Design】No additional number keys, can meet you demands in Office or Home. The Mini 60% Mechanical Keyboard is Space-saving and Portable. Equipped with extra 4.7Ft-Grey coiled keyboard cable. USB C custom double-sleeved cable for mechanical gaming keyboard. Compact 61 keys with metal aviator connector braided cables, dedicated for FPS Gamers and efficient working.
【Hot-Swappable Red Switch】Linear Switch, meaning that the force at the beginning and the end of each stroke is nearly identical. The result is a feel that most perceive as “smoother” and "faster" making them especially popular among Gaming enthusiasts.
【RGB Backlit】This 60% Custom Mechanical Keyboard has 18 RGB Backlight Modes, 8 monochrome Backlight Modes and 1 full Color Backlight. These light modes can provide you a charming gaming environment at night.
【Ergonomic Designed】The RK61 is designed with 8°Ergonomic angle which can help you relieve straining effectively.The integrated wrist rest gives you the comfort you need for marathon gaming sessions.
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“3Pack Fast Charging USB-C Cable Set for Samsung Galaxy and More – 10ft+6.6ft+3.3ft, Green”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description AC01 AC01 ac01 ac01 ac01 Never Rupture ac01 ac01 USB 2.0 Data Sync Speed up to 480Mbps 1 Excellent Durability 2 3.1A Fast Charging 3 Rapid Data Transfer ac01 Offers Many Colors and Lengths to Suit Any Scene ac01 Long usb c cable for PS5, Xbox, Switch Controllers ac01 Offers Many Colors and lengths to Suit Your Car 1 Easy to carry outsides 2 Fit for game controllers 3 Fast charging in Car

Universal Compatibility

Apple iPhone 15/iPhone 15 Plus /iPhone 15 Pro /iPhone 15 Pro Max Samsung Galaxy S Series S23 Ultra / S23+ / S23 / S22 Ultra / S22+/ S22 / S22fe / S21 Ultra / S21+ / S21s / S21 / S20 Ultra / S20+ / S20 / S10 / S10+ / S10e / S9 / S8 Samsung Note Note 20 Ultra / Note 20 / Note 10+ / Note 10 / Note10 Lite / Note 9 / Note 8 / Note 7 / Note FE / Note Edge Samsung Galaxy A Series A54/ A53/ A52s / A52/ A51 / A50s / A50 / A42 / A41 / A40/ A34/ A33 / A32 / A31 / A30s / A30 / A22 / A21s / A21 / A20s / A20 / A20e / A14/ A12 / A11/ A10 / A10s / A10e / A04 / A03 / A02 Samsung Flip/Fold Z Flip 5/Z Fold 5/Z Flip4/Z Fold 4/Z Flip3/Z Fold 3 Samsung Tablet S9 Ultra 5G/ S9 Ultra/Tab S9+/Tab S9/ Tab S8+ 5G/Tab S8 5G/Tab S7 FE/Tab S6/Tab A /Tab A7 Samsung M Series M62 / M52 / M51 / M42 / M40 / M32 / M31s / M31 / M30s / M30 /M22 /M21s /M21 / M11 / M10s / M10 Samsung XCover XCover Pro / XCover 5 / XCover 4s / XCover 4 Google Pixel Pixel 7 / Pixel 7 Pro / Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro / Pixel 5 / Pixel 4 / Pixel 4 XL / Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL / Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL / Pixel XL / Pixel C / Nexus 5X / Nexus 6P iPad iPad Pro 2022/2021/2020/2018 (iPad Pro1th-11in/2th-11in/3th/4th/5th/6th), iPad Air 2022/2020(iPad Air 4th/5th), iPad Mini 2021 (iPad Mini 6th), iPad 2022 (iPad 10th) Huawei Mate 60 Pro / P60 / P50 / P40 / P30 Pro / P20 / P20 Pro / P10 / P10 Plus / Mate 20 / Mate 10/ Mate40/ Mate40 Pro / Mate40 RS / Mate40E / Mate30 / Mate30 Pro / Mate30 RS / Mate20 / Mate20 Pro / Mate20 RS / Mate10 / Mate10 Pro / P50 / P50 Pro / P40 / P40 Pro / P30 / P30 Pro / P20 / P20 Pro / 9 / 9 Pro / 8 / 8 Pro / 7 / 7 Pro / 6 / 6 SE / Enjoy 20 / Enjoy 20 Plus / Enjoy 20 Pro / Enjoy Z / Enjoy 10 / Enjoy 10 Plus / Enjoy 9S / Enjoy 9e PS5/Xbox/Switch PS5 / Playstation 5 Controller Series X / Series S Controllers / Xbox One/ Switch Controller GoPro GoPro hero 10 / hero 9/ hero 8 / hero 7 / hero 6 / hero 5 OnePlus/LG/Moto Nord 2 / Nord CE 5G / Nord N200 5G / 9 Pro / 9 / 8T / 8 Pro / 8 / 7T Pro / 7T / 7 Pro / 7 / 6T / 6 / 5T / 5 / 3T / 3 LG: LG Stylo 6/ Stylo 5/ Stylo 4 / Velvet / Velvet 5G uw/ K92 / K51 / K52/K41S /K50S /K51s / K61 / k62 / k71/ Wing 5G / Q61/ Q92 5G/ W30 pro LG /G6/ G7/ G7 ThinQ /G7 One /G7 Fit / G8/G8X /G8 ThinQ/ G8S ThinQ/ G8X ThinQ/ G9 / LG V20/ V30/ V30s ThinQ /V35/ V35 ThinQ /V40 /V40 ThinQ/ V50/ V50 ThinQ 5g/V50s ThinQ/ V60 ThinQ 5g/Q Stylus Reflect / Rebel 4/ Rebel 4 lite Moto G Power... Kindle Kindle Fire HD 10 9th 2019 HD 8 10th 2020 11th 2021 Generation Please note This Cable is USB-A to USB-C, NOT USB-C to USB-C, Please note that not all phone models support the Type-C interface, this is only a partial list. Before buying a Type C cable, please make sure that your device supports the Type C interface. sweguard USB C Cable Product List Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars 18,346 4.6 out of 5 stars 9,757 4.5 out of 5 stars 6,448 4.7 out of 5 stars 275 4.3 out of 5 stars 120 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,911 4.5 out of 5 stars 3,713 Price $9.99$9.99 $8.99$8.99 $9.99$9.99 $13.99$13.99 $9.99$9.99 $8.99$8.99 $15.99$15.99 Nylon Braided ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Fast Charging ✔ ✔ ✔ ✘ ✔ ✘ ✔ Rapid Data Transfer ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Avaiable Colors Grey/Black/Red/Blue/Pink/Gr... Grey/Black/Red/Blue/Pink/Gr... Grey/Black/Red/Blue/Pink/Gr... Grey/Black Grey/Black/ Grey/Red/Blue Grey/Black Avaiable Cable Lengths 20ft/15ft/10ft/6.6ft/3.3ft/1.5 20ft/15ft/10ft/6.6ft/3.3ft/1.5 20ft/15ft/10ft/6.6ft/3.3ft 20ft/15ft/10ft/6.6ft/3.3ft 10ft/16ft 4ft/6ft/8ft 20ft/15ft/10ft/6.6ft/3.3ft
⚡[Certified 3.1A Fast Charging & Sync Speed]: Supports safe high-speed charging up to 3.1A and fast data transfer up to 480Mbps. Conforming to the USB Type C Specification version 1.1, 56kilohm, which ensures a safe charging.
✅[Upgraded 3D Aluminum Connector]: Keeps up with the latest trend of USB interface. This user-friendly design allows you to plug into all your USB C compatible devices without worrying about the orientation of the port.
💪[Last 10X Stronger and Perfect]: USB to USB C Cable has electronic safety certifications that comply with appropriate standards, it built-in laser welding technology, which ensure the metal part won't break. The longer SR anti-break design enhances the durability of the cable. With 40,000+ times bend test, the flexible and durable double-braided nylon type C cable longer service life and will never rupture.
📢[Universal Compatibility] Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S22 S21 S20 S10 S10e S9 S8 Plus/FE/Ultra, Note 20 10 9 8, A73 A72 A71 A53 A52 A51 A50 A42 A33 A32 A23 A22 A21 A20 A13 A12 A11 A10e A03S A02S, Tablet S8 S7 S6, Kindle Fire HD 10 8th, Google Pixel, LG,Moto G,PS5 Controller & More USB-C devices.
💗[WARRANTY&RETURN or REFUND is ACCEPTABLE]: We provide this Nylon Braided USB 2.0 Type-C Cable with 18-Month Warranty and 24/7 customer service, if you want to return or refund or anything else , please contact us SELLER via AMAZON MESSAGE,we are glad to help with the replacement promptly or you can apply a return with full payment back.
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“Compact 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Red Switches and LED Backlight – Perfect for Gaming on the Go!”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description 11

CACKBIRD 60% Layout Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,Be Your Best Partner Whether at Home or On the Go

Compact 60% Layout Design,Great Partner for your Laptop

If you often need to travel or work away from home,Our portable keyboard is a good choice for you.Easily fits into a backpack and take around.

Keyboard Size:11.4*3.93*1.3in (29*10*3.3cm).[NOT HOTSWAPPLE]

Switch Direction Key Function FOR Efficient Work

Press FN key and spacebar to switch "/,ALT,Ctrl,APP"four keys to direction keys.Press again to restore.AvoidING the tediousness of using the FN key every time you use the arrow keys.

Full Key Anti-ghosting,Easy Installation

All keys can work simultaneously,thus you can fully enjoy your game without program errors.Our mechanical keyboard is plug and play,very easy to operate,no driver needed.

Comfortable Typing Experience

The bottom of the keyboard is equiped with foldable feet,allowing you to adjust the most comfortable typing angle.Moreover,the anti-slip rubber feet at the bottom also ensure stability while typing and gaming.

Durable ABS Keycaps,Fade-Resistant

The keycaps on CACKBIRD keyboard are precisely manufactured to provide uniform light transmission and offer high recognition for color and letters in the dark;The letters on the keycaps are scratch-resistant,fade-resistant and anti-blurring.Never worry the letters & symbols on the keycaps would fade away.

Rainbow LED Backlit Accompanies Your Night

There are 18 different light effects,5 levels of light breathing speed and brightness to choose(The light can also be turned off),which enriches your gaming experience and improves your mood greatly.

11 11 11

Click away on the CACKBIRD Portable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard!

Your game play is only as good as the tools you wield -- and we’ve got the key to the precise response time you’ve been missing!making your gaming experience one-of-a-kind.

Mechanical: 61 keys, built-in game chip, advanced mechanical switch technology, gives you more pleasant sensation.Compatible: Compatible with computer with Type-C port, such as for WIN2000/XP/VISTA/7/8/10.Lighting: 18 LED Modes per-key lighting to meet the demands of gamers, different lighting effects for different types of games.Red switch: Red switches can reduce the extrusion of the spring sheet, coupled with water and dust resistant. Durability:800million Number of keys:61keys Interface:USB Type-C Anti-ghosting:Yes Main Item Size:11.4*3.93*1.3in (29*10*3.3cm) Product Weight:515g 22




Red Switches

CACKBIRD gaming keyboard features red mechanical switches that deliver next-level feel and flow with less noise,fitting for office or gaming use.Great for gamers, office workers, copywriters. 1.5m Long Detachable Type-C Cable

There is a long detachable Type-C cable on the right side of the keyboard for easier set-up and storage.For FPS gamers who are focused on speed& secure connection,this 60% keyboard is proper to pick. Scientific Stair-up Keycaps Design,No wrist and hand strain

Keyboard with scientific stair-up keycaps design and foldable kickstand ensures a proper angle for your hand and wirst, bringing maximum comfort,keeping your hand in the most natural state;60% Layout means that you can reach any key on this keyboard speedily without moving your wrist,putting less strain on hands and wrists as well as arms and shoulders. 11
🌟【60% percent Keyboard: 61 Keys Compact Design】Ultra-compact layout with 61 keys that free up your desktop, leaving more space for mouse movements. Especially,there is a long detachable USB Type-C cable on the right side of the mini keyboard, ensuring safe transp ort in your travel bag. For FPS gamers who are focused on speed & secure connection,this 60% portable keyboard is proper to pick.( 💙Simply Press Fn+Space key to switch the keyboard to direction keys for efficient operates)
🌟【Mechanical Keyboard: Linear Red Switches】This gaming keyboard 60 percent is equipped with responsive linear red mechanical switches, which could be faster action with minimal resistance without a tactile bump feel,providing a smooth and quiet mechanical stroke experience.60% keyboard suitable for office typing and gaming without disturbing anyone. 💙 Plus,60% keyboards with ultra-durable PBT-engineered keycaps provide crystal clear uniform backlight and a longer lifespan.
🌟【Rainbow LED Backlit Light Up Keyboard 】18 LED Rainbow Backlight Effects,5 brightness levels & speeds,1 customization mode that's all yours.Exchange keyboard lighting mode for every mood and environment--making your gaming experience one-of-a-kind.💙 Moreover,this light up gaming keyboard features double injection ABS engineered keycaps that bring crystal clear uniform backlight to greatly improve your gaming sessions and typing accuracy at night.
🌟【Ergonomic Design & Full keys Anti-ghosting】All keys can work simultaneously,thus you can fully enjoy your game without program errors with our portable mini keyboard.Our ergonomic gaming keyboard with the scientific stair-up keycaps design and stable foldable kickstands brings maximum comfort,💙 keeping your hand in the most natural state to minimize hand fatigue after longtime use and help you minimize typos.
🌟【Strong Compatibility 60 percent gaming keyboard】Plug and play,no drivers or software required.PC/computer keyboard work perfectly for Windows 10/8/7/XP, Mac OS, and Windows VISTA.