“EPOMAKER x AULA F99 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard: Hot Swappable Gasket Gaming Keyboard with 8000mAh Battery”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description 3/5 pins Mechanical Switch Supports 3/5-pin mechanical switches. Easily replaced without soldering. 1 Features 2 3 Modes 3 Flex-cut Plate 4 Hot Swappable 5 Keyboard Details Compatible with multiple systems 1 PBT Keycaps 2 Check Battery 3 Keyboard Mode Switching 4 Gasket Structure 16.8M RGB Illumination Engage in the dynamic glow of the F99’s RGB backlight, presenting a rich spectrum of 16.8 million colors for a personalized typing environment. Users can not only switch the backlight effect with a hotkey. The keyboard backlight can also be customised via the driver. Powerful Programming Software F99 Keyboard provides programming software for those who like DIY setups. You can create your favorite effects. Such as custom keys. Macro recording. Adjusting sleep mode. Adjusting key sensitivity. Customizing the backlight effect, etc. Note: The software only supports Windows, not Mac! High-capacity 8000mAh Battery The F99 is powered by a high-capacity 8000mAh battery for long-lasting performance. Five-layer Design Incorporating IXPE under-shaft pads, PORON cotton, and silicone bottom padding. It ensures ultra-comfortable typing with reduced sound and shock. One-piece Silicone Gasket The extended one-piece silicone pad better optimises flexibility for a softer, more resilient typing experience. Ergonomic Design With two-stage adjustable stand. The height of the keyboard can be adjusted to suit the needs of the user. What is the battery life of the F99 keyboard? How long does it go? (with no lights or either way) This is the battery life of the F99 mechanical keyboard we tested for your reference: about 53 hours with backlighting on, about 400 hours with no backlighting on. What switches are on these keyboards? What switch types are available for the F99? There are 4 switches, the Reaper Switch, the Whale Sea Switch, the Greywood V3 Switch, and the Nimbus Switch. All linear switches. Does the F99 have software for customization? Yes, but the software is only compatible with Windows, the Linux/Mac/iOS/Android OS does not support custom driver and FN+keys functions. Is the F99 keyboard compatible with macOS? Yes, F99’s supports Bluetooth/2.4GHz/USB wired connection. It is suitable for multi-devices and compatible with multiple systems including windows, Mac,iOS, Android, Linux,etc. Please note that, it may just support USB wired connection for Linux OS Does the F99 have RGB lighting? Yes, the F99 has RGB lighting. The keyboard features RGB backlighting with customizable lighting effects and colors. It also supports customizing the backlight effect through the software. TKL LAYOUT MECHANICAL GAMING KEYBOARD Keyboard Layout Standard ANSI (US) Layout, 87 Keys Keyboard Layout Standard ANSI (US) Layout, 87 Keys Keyboard Layout Standard ANSI (US) Layout, 80 Keys + 1 Knob Connection Methods 3 Modes, Bluetooth/2.4ghz Wireless/Tpye-C Connection Methods 3 Modes, Bluetooth/2.4ghz Wireless/Tpye-C Connection Methods Tpye-C Wired Keycap Profile Cherry Profile Keycap Profile Cherry Profile(Smoke Blue/Black Blue/White Orange), MDA Profile(White Green) Keycap Profile Cherry Profile Software F87 PRO Driver. Windows only, MacOS is not supported Software F87 PRO Driver. Windows only, MacOS is not supported Software F87 Driver. Windows only, MacOS is not supported Battery 8000mAh Battery 4000mAh Battery NO 【96% Layout&Gasket Mounted Structure】A 96% layout keyboard with 99 keys can help you save more space on your desk, while keeping the arrow keys and number pad you need for games and work. The F99 gaming keyboard gasket-mounted design, complemented by an extended one-piece silicone pad, delivers unmatched typing resilience and stability. This soft elastic structure ensures each keystroke is both softer and more responsive.【Innovative Single-Key Slotted PCB&Five-Layer Sound-Shock Absorption】Equipped with a unique single-key slotted PCB made of high-quality FR4 material, the F99 offers smooth typing feedback. Each key is independently slotted, enhancing the crispness and accuracy of keystrokes. The F99 features a five-layer design, incorporating IXPE under-shaft pads, PORON sound-absorbing cotton, and silicone bottom padding. This configuration ensures ultra-comfortable typing with reduced sound and shock.【Three-Way Connectivity for Any Scenario&8000 mAh Ultra-High Capacity Battery】The F99 supports Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless, and wired USB Type-C connections, making it compatible with a wide range of devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. The F99 is powered by a high-capacity 8000mAh battery for long-lasting performance.【Hot-Swappable PCB&Pre-lubed Linear Switches】Enjoy the flexibility of personalizing your typing experience with the F99’s full-key hot-swappable sockets. It supports 3/5 pin mechanical switches. Easily interchange mechanical switches to suit your preference with a simple pull-and-plug method. Additionally, all switches are factory pre-lubricated and have been meticulously designed for longevity and durability, ensuring a reliable typing experience for years to come.【Next-Generation Wireless Connectivity】Equipped with cutting-edge wireless technology, the F99 offers a low-latency, ultra-fast connection, ensuring faster data transmission and immediate key response. Ideal for both daily use and intense gaming sessions. Combined with low-power consumption technology, it ensures extended usage times between charges.

The F99 mechanical keyboard is a versatile and customizable keyboard that offers a variety of features for users. It supports 3/5-pin mechanical switches that can be easily replaced without soldering, allowing for a personalized typing experience. The keyboard features 16.8 million RGB illumination colors that can be customized using the provided programming software. The high-capacity 8000mAh battery ensures long-lasting performance, with a battery life of approximately 53 hours with backlighting on and 400 hours with no backlighting.

The F99 keyboard also has a unique five-layer design with sound-shock absorption capabilities, providing a comfortable typing experience with reduced sound and shock. The keyboard’s ergonomic design includes a two-stage adjustable stand for user comfort. The keyboard features a 96% layout with 99 keys, saving space on the desk while retaining essential keys for gaming and work.

The keyboard offers three-way connectivity options, including Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless, and wired USB Type-C connections, making it compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems. The F99 also features hot-swappable PCB with pre-lubed linear switches, allowing users to personalize their typing experience easily.

The keyboard’s innovative single-key slotted PCB enhances typing feedback, while the extended one-piece silicone pad provides unmatched typing resilience and stability. The keyboard’s next-generation wireless connectivity ensures low-latency, ultra-fast connection for immediate key response, making it suitable for both daily use and gaming.

Overall, the F99 mechanical keyboard is a versatile, customizable, and ergonomic option for users looking for a high-performance typing experience with a range of features and connectivity options.

Price: $82.99
(as of Jul 02, 2024 21:34:19 UTC – Details)

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“GameSir T4 Pro Wireless Game Controller: Ultimate Multi-Platform Gaming Experience with LED Backlight”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

From the brand springspring




GameSir Kaleid for Xbox

Transparent Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One,Windows 10/11 & Steam, with Hall Effect Joysticks/Hall Trigger

Popular Gamepad from GameSir

Popular Gamepad from GameSir


GameSir X4 Aileron

Licensed Xbox Controller, Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Controller for Android with Hall Effect Joysticks


GameSir X2s Type C

Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone 15 Series (USB-C), Android & HarmonyOS Phones


GameSir G8 Galileo

Type C Mobile Controller with Hall Effect Sticks and Hall Trigger, Magnetic Swappable Faceplates.


Hall Joysticks/Hall Trigger

The First Licensed Xbox Controller with Hall Effect Sticks and Hall Trigger, Magnetic Swappable Faceplate.


Cool Products

Dedicated to producing cool, high quality products that are pleasing to the eye while providing a high level of experience


Officially licensed by Xbox

GameSir X2 Pro is licensed by Xbox, get 1 month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for FREE with purchase



The gaming world is forever evolving, and GameSir is always ready to take on the challenge and never stops researching and developing


Vision of GameSir

GameSir wants to empower every individual and group to expand the boundary of joy

🎮 Universal Compatibility: T4 Pro Wireless Game Controller Comes with Phone Bracket. It supports Android phones and tablets, Windows XP/ 7/8/10 (Not Support Bluetooth Connection), iPhone, iPad and Deeply Supports Apple Arcade, MFi Games, Switch Games.(not supported Mac, Apple TV)
🎮 Vibrant RGB Backlighting: The semi-transparent cover of T4 Pro controller is treated with a matte finish, and its stunning colorful LED backlight on ABXY buttons and right joystick glows even in the dark, making it cooler than traditional controllers.
🎮 Immersive Gaming Experience: The T4 Pro wireless game controller features an asymmetric vibrating motor with 5 speed levels that enhances immersion in games, providing you with a real-time and realistic gaming experience. The configurable M1 - M4 Buttons enable you to assign complex in-game macros.
🎮 Multiple Connection Ways: T4 pro controller supports 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 4.0, and Wired. 3 connection ways, with a 10m(32.8ft) connectivity range that covers the living room and bedroom. No wires, no mess, no hassle. Just wirelessly connect to your device and start gaming. Please note that PC only supports Wired connection and 2.4 GHz connection.
🎮 Long Battery Life: The T4 pro wireless game controller is equipped with a 600mAh large capacity battery that frees you from the hassle of constantly charging, and its standard Type-C Interface enables faster charging and less latency.
🎮 Stylish Design: The T4 Pro Wireless Game Controller has a sleek and elegant design, with a semi-transparent cover and RGB backlight. Its stylish appearance makes it a great gift choice for male/female gamers.
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“Alienware Aurora R16: Intel Core i7, 16GB DDR5 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 – Basalt Black”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

OPTIMIZED DESIGN AND PERFORMANCE. A WHOLE NEW WAY OF GAMING. With the Alienware Aurora R16 gaming desktop experience exceptional gaming desktop performance in an optimized chassis with an exclusive Alienware design that focuses on minimalism, thermal efficiency and quieter acoustics for all gamers.
EFFICIENT AIRFLOW: Larger passageways and optimized internal cable management, allows airflow to be more productive, resulting in quieter acoustics.
12-PHASE VOLTAGE REGULATION: 12-phase voltage regulation technology, enables up to 13th Gen Intel Core processors to deliver high-level performance for hours on end.
LEGEND 3 DESIGN: The R16 debuts our minimalist and functional Legend 3 design that focuses on simplicity with features that are optimized for any desktop gaming setup.
TOTAL COMMAND: Featuring the revamped Alienware Command Center software, where you can intuitively tailor and monitor your system’s performance and customize lighting and other settings across your setup.
A BETTER GAMING EXPERIENCE: Premium Support has you covered day and night to help with new game installation, troubleshooting, and more. It’s one more weapon in your arsenal. Get one year of Premium Support included when you purchase an Alienware Gaming PC.
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“GameSir G8 Galileo Mobile Controller Case: Travel, Protect, Organize”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Name: Hard Case for GameSir G8 Galileo Mobile Controller
Material: EVA
Color: Black
Size: Approx. 24.5cmx14cmx6.5cm / 9.64''x5.51''x2.56''
Weight: 250g
Package Includes: 1x Storage Bag

Keep your G8 mobile gaming controller protected with the Carrying Case, a practical solution for safeguarding your devices.
Crafted from EVA materials, this case ensures excellent wear resistance, waterproofing, and shock absorption, providing protections for your game controller.
The Storage Bag accommodates the mobile gaming controller and its accessory, catering to the needs of game enthusiasts.
Whether you're traveling and engaged in outdoor activity, this lightweight case is perfect for gamers on the moving.
In addition to protecting your main game controller, this case also keeping your accessory organized, ensuring all your devices remain in pristine condition. Stay organized and enjoy
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“Marvel’s Spider-Man Cable Guy: Exquisite Gaming Holder & Stand”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

MARVEL: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN - Cable Guys Phone Stand & Controller Holder - In he swings from New York City with astounding speed, agility, and strength. It’s the much-loved Marvel superhero from the Spider-verse: the Amazing Spider-Man, as part of our Cable Guy range. Alert and ready for action in his trademark red and blue spider suit, Spider-Man will cling to most types of gaming controller, smart phone device, or anything else you can fit into his hands. DISCLAIMER: Spider-Man is stationed to his platform and cannot cling or swing wall to wall this time. Approx 8.5" tall remote control and gaming controller stand / holder. Compatible with most types of smartphones and console controllers, including the next-gen PlayStation 5 DualSense, Xbox Series S/X and all iPhones. It's the perfect squad mate for any bedroom, office, or lounge. Looking great on its own or when holding your controller or mobile. Cableguys offer a collectible assortment of your favorite characters that have so many uses as gaming table accessories, you'll wonder what you did without them!
THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Reunite with your favorite Marvel Superhero!
8.5" FIGURE: Heavy duty PVC statue and sturdy base that holds your stuff without tipping over.
VERSATILE: Easily holds and displays most hand-held electronics, business cards, TV remotes, eBook readers, etc!
GREAT GIFT IDEA: This collectible figure is an ideal gift, for you or your fellow Spider-Man fan.
OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Your favorite pop culture characters - With A Purpose! Officially licensed by Marvel, styled on Spider-Man.