“60% Mini RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo with Honeycomb Optical Mouse and Pad for Gamers and Typists”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description Description of Some Noteworthy Questions What continuous improvement of product quality has been done? The milky white middle frame is replaced with a transparent middle frame, and the true RGB is brighter. The ESC key and the space bar use a luminous LOGO pattern, which makes the keyboard more personalized and beautiful. How to use the arrow keys of this mini keyboard? Fn+W switch W、S、A、D and up,down,left and right direction keys.Switch back and forth as needed.WASD is the scientific position of the arrow keys that is the consensus of the gaming industry. Why is there no foot when designing the XINMENG 60% keyboard scheme? Guided by loyalty to customer needs, after research, most European and American gaming keyboard users like the honest style. Can it work on game consoles such as PS4/Xbox etc? You can play PS4 through XINMENG 60 percent gaming keyboard.But you need choose gaming keyboard adapter that can support the corresponding game console. The converter from the same company XINMENGTech, another brandZIYOU LANG adapter is tested and supports Switch/Xbox one/Xbox 360/PS 4/PS 3/Xbox Series S/Xbox Series X. RGB BACKLIGHT This gaming keyboard has 7 fixed RGB LED backlight modes. You can adjust the light mode by pressing FN+P. You can also adjust the light color by pressing FN+{/} in the fixed monochromatic light mode (up to 7 ). Durable Contruction The keycap adopts a mature double injection molding process, so that the characters can be clearly recognized in the day or in the dark night, and it is not affected by wear. It will be your best helper for office and games. “WIN” Key Can be Disabled Special design for gamers: Lockable “WIN” Key. Press “FN+WIN” to lock the “WIN” key before starting a game. It frees your concern regarding touching the “WIN” key accidentally so as to ensure an immersive gaming experience. RGB Light Up This gaming mouse has RGB lighting modes. The lighting mode is quickly switched design, and the lighting mode is selected by the button at the bottom of the mouse, which is fully customizable. Comfort Ergonomic Shape The appearance of the M7 gaming mouse is ergonomically designed to fit the right hand and the frosted painting surface makes it more comfortable to grip. Powerful Actuation User friendly and easy to install. M7 mouse software provides powerful customize setting for mouse click buttons, RGB colors, 100-10000 DPI adjustable range, and 1000 Hz Pulling rate. 【Compact and Practical】This mini 61 key gaming keyboard can realize multiple function like quick access to Home Page, Music, Email Box, etc. by pressing FN+related key , the side engraved visual symbol of the keys can help you understand the FN key combination function, floating high-low ergonomic key design allow using for a long time without fatigue, adjustable foot support can offer a alternative using angle if needed.【Ergonomic Design Mechanical Keyboard】 The 61 keys mechanical keyboard with the scientific stair-up keycap design brings maximum comfort, keeping your hand in a most natural state to minimize hand fatigue after longtime use and help you minimize typos. So it’s designed for gamer, office worker, copywriter, programmer, typing teacher and editors.【Lightweight Honeycomb Gaming Mouse】Wired professional gaming mouse uses hard-core custom chip, high-precision optical sensor, up to 12000 dpi (level 6 / editable), able to withstand 20g acceleration, has 50,000,000 Button life. The high-performance mouse configuration can meet your needs for fast web browsing and gaming.【65G Ultralight Ergonomic Gaming Mice】This lightweight PC gaming mice is designed with O-shaped perforated shape, reduces weight, saves more energy, improves heat dissipation, extend the service life,ergonomic housing can fit your palm perfectly whichever way you hold it, make using more comfortable especially when gaming.【Wide Compatibility】This mechanical keyboard featured with waterproof, dust-proof, conflict-free, FN short key function, rainbow RGB backlit, non-slip mat, plug and play, 61key design, removable keycap, easy to clean, compatible with devices like pc, mac, laptop, computer which support windows series system or Android, Linux, IOS, etc, system,

The XINMENG 60% keyboard is a compact gaming keyboard that has undergone continuous improvement to enhance product quality. It features a transparent middle frame and luminous patterns on certain keys for a personalized touch. The arrow keys on the keyboard can be accessed using a function key combination. The design of the keyboard does not include feet to cater to the preference of European and American gaming keyboard users. The keyboard can be used with gaming consoles like PS4, but requires a specific adapter for compatibility.

The keyboard also boasts RGB backlighting with various modes that can be adjusted using key combinations. The keycaps are designed using a double injection molding process for durability and visibility in different lighting conditions. Gamers will appreciate the lockable “WIN” key feature that prevents accidental key presses during gameplay.

The accompanying gaming mouse, the M7, features RGB lighting modes and an ergonomic design for comfort during long gaming sessions. It offers customizable settings for mouse buttons, DPI adjustment, and polling rate. The lightweight design of the mouse with an O-shaped perforated shape allows for comfortable grip and extended use without fatigue.

Overall, the XINMENG 60% keyboard and M7 gaming mouse offer compact and practical solutions for gamers and professionals alike. The keyboard’s ergonomic design promotes comfort and minimizes hand fatigue, while the mouse’s high-performance capabilities cater to fast gaming and web browsing needs. Both devices are compatible with a range of systems, making them versatile options for a variety of users.

Price: $34.99
(as of Jul 04, 2024 16:47:29 UTC – Details)

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“GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: 61 RGB Backlit Keys, Hotswap Gateron Switches”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description hk gaming gk61v3 v3 gk61 gaming optical keyboard mechanical hotswap fastest clavier tastatur teclado hk gaming gk61v3 v3 gk61 gaming optical keyboard mechanical hotswap fastest clavier tastatur teclado

Unleash unparalleled speed with the HK GAMING GK61. Its swift Optical/Mechanical hot-swappable switches are a gamer's dream for rapid-fire responsiveness. Dominate the game with this high-speed advantage.

hk gaming gk61v3 v3 gk61 gaming optical keyboard mechanical hotswap fastest clavier tastatur teclado hk gaming gk61v3 v3 gk61 gaming optical keyboard mechanical hotswap fastest clavier tastatur teclado

The GK61 is a powerhouse of reactivity: 1kHz polling rate for instant response, hotswap compatibility, and complex macros. Its doubleshot keycaps withstand the rigors of intense gaming.

The GK61 60% v3 Mechanical Keyboard is available in either Optical or Mechanical switches. Both are hotswapable.

hk gaming gk61v3 v3 gk61 gaming optical keyboard mechanical hotswap fastest clavier tastatur teclado hk gaming gk61v3 v3 gk61 gaming optical keyboard mechanical hotswap fastest clavier tastatur teclado

Transform your gaming space with the GK61's dazzling RGB , featuring 16.8 million colors and dynamic patterns. Design your unique gaming environment and assign macros with our user-friendly software.

hk gaming gk61v3 v3 gk61 gaming optical keyboard mechanical hotswap fastest clavier tastatur teclado hk gaming gk61v3 v3 gk61 gaming optical keyboard mechanical hotswap fastest clavier tastatur teclado hk gaming gk61v3 v3 gk61 gaming optical keyboard mechanical hotswap fastest clavier tastatur teclado hk gaming gk61v3 v3 gk61 gaming optical keyboard mechanical hotswap fastest clavier tastatur teclado hk gaming gk61v3 v3 gk61 gaming optical keyboard mechanical hotswap fastest clavier tastatur teclado 1 Black 2 White 3 Blue 4 Lavender 5 Magenta

What types of switches are available with the HK GAMING GK61, and can I swap them out?

The HK GAMING GK61 is available with either Gateron Optical or Mechanical switches, both known for their quality and responsiveness. Both variants are hot-swappable, allowing for easy switch replacement to suit your preference without any soldering.

Does the GK61 keyboard support macro recording and is it programmable?

Yes, the GK61 supports full macro recording and is fully programmable through our dedicated software. Customize key bindings and lighting effects to tailor your gaming experience to your liking.

Is the GK61 keyboard compatible with different operating systems and gaming consoles?

The GK61 works seamlessly with Windows, macOS, and Linux. It's also compatible with major gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation 4/5, making it a versatile choice for all your gaming needs.

Can I customize the RGB lighting on the GK61 keyboard?

Definitely! The GK61 features a customizable RGB setup with multiple lighting modes and a spectrum of colors. Create your ideal aesthetic with our user-friendly software.

What material are the keycaps made of, and will they last?

Our keycaps are crafted from durable double-shot ABS plastic, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear. Even with intense gaming sessions, your keycaps will maintain their look and feel.

Explore our Keyboards: Quick Feature Comparison Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Reviews 4.2 out of 5 stars 53 3.8 out of 5 stars 4 4.2 out of 5 stars 53 4.5 out of 5 stars 11 Price $49.99$49.99 $59.99$59.99 $49.99$49.99 $29.99$29.99 Number of keys 61 61 61 61 Layout ANSI - US ANSI - US ANSI - US ANSI - US Hotswap ✔ ✔ ✔ ✘ Switches Gateron Optical Switches Magnetic HE Switches Cherry MX RGB; Gateron, etc Mechanical Switches (soldered) Polling Rate 1kHz (1ms) 1kHz (1ms) 1kHz (1ms) 1kHz (1ms) Keycaps ABS doubleshot ABS doubleshot ABS doubleshot ABS doubleshot Per Key RGB ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Plug & Play ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Keycap Puller included ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Cable Type-C to Type-A USB (1.5m) Type-C to Type-A USB (1.5m) Type-C to Type-A USB (1.5m) Type-C to Type-A USB (1.5m) Rapid Trigger Mode ✘ ✔ ✘ ✘ Adjustable Actuation Point ✘ ✔ ✘ ✘

Technical Specifications

Number of keys: 61 keys Layout: ANSI - US Material Plastic (ABS) Keycaps ABS doubleshot Key profile OEM Profile RGB Yes Switch Type Mechanical OR Optical Hotswap PCB Optical Version only HotSwappable with Optical Switches. Mechanical Version only hot swappable with other mechanical Switches. Software Yes Cable length 1.6 m (5.2 ft) Inclination 5.6° Dimensions 14.8 x 5.2 x 0.9 in (292 x 102 x 40 mm) Weight 1.3 lbs (0.6 kg) Keypuller Included Yes Switch Removal Tool Included Yes
✅ PREMIUM OPTICAL SWITCHES: The GK61 comes equipped with Optical mechanical switches that deliver ultimate performance and reliability, designed for enduring and intense usage.
✅ CUSTOMIZABLE RGB LIGHTING: Experience a vivid spectrum of 16.8 million colors with twenty adjustable backlight patterns using the included software, letting you tailor the multicolor RGB system to your preference.
✅ CLICKY: Engineered for rapid and tactile typing; an excellent choice for those who prioritize speed in their typing tasks.
✅ REMOVABLE TYPE-C CABLE: Features a 5FT/1.5M Type-C to Type-A USB cable that can be detached for your convenience, providing a consistent connection with your devices.
✅ SMOOTH STABILIZERS: With pre-lubricated stabilizers, enjoy solid gaming without wire rattle, for a seamless experience.
✅ ADAPTABLE SOFTWARE: Customize complex macros, rebind keys, and personalize lighting effects to suit your preferences.
✅ DURABLE DOUBLESHOT KEYCAPS: Experience the best of typing and gaming with long-lasting, resistant keycaps in OEM Profile, featuring ultra-sharp legends.
✅ FAST 1kHz POLLING RATE: Ensuring a rapid 1ms response time, the GK61 provides accurate and prompt input recognition during intense gaming.
✅ CROSS-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY: Works with Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, Windows XP, and Mac OS (some keys may need remapping through the software); Suitable for both home and office environments.
✅ INCLUDED KEYPULLER: Change your keycaps on the move or at an eSports tournament with the included keycap puller/removal tool.
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“Universal Aluminum Controller Holder Stand for Gaming Accessories”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

DESKTOP DUAL GAME CONTROLLER - Securely store two game controllers on the desk in a neat and tidy manner. Works with Xbox Series X S, Xbox One, 360, PS5, PS4, PS3, Switch Pro, Steam Controller, Desktop PC Gamepads and most other third party game controllers.
CONTROLLERS AT THE READY - Not only will this holder keep your desk and game space tidy and clutter-free, it also keeps your regular controllers within easy reach, or, you can simply slide it out of the way when you need a little extra room.
CONSIDERATE DETAILS - The dual controller desktop storage solution comes with protective non-slip cushioned pads on the base and top, keeping your surfaces scratch free, and your gear safe and steady.
SOLID CONSTRUCTION - Sturdily constructed from premium anodized aluminum alloy, much durable and stable than similar items in the market.
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“TERIOS Wireless Controller for PS4 with Hall Effect Joystick and 1000mAh Battery”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description PS4 controllers PS4 controllers PS4 controllers ps4 controller Ps4 controller dual shock 4 controller ps4 control ps4 1 Hall Effect 2 Fast Response 3 6-Axis Gyro 4 Programmable Function 5 Non-disturbed Controller for playstation 4 Controller for playstation 4 PS4 controllers PS4 controllers Which TERIOS Wireless Controller is Right for you? Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Reviews 4.0 out of 5 stars 138 4.0 out of 5 stars 8,477 4.0 out of 5 stars 313 4.0 out of 5 stars 313 4.0 out of 5 stars 8,477 Price $19.89$19.89 $21.99$21.99 $25.99$25.99 $23.99$23.99 $18.99$18.99 Hall Effect Joystick ✔ ✘ ✔ ✘ ✘ Turbo Function ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Programmable ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 3.5mm Audio Jack ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Battery Life Up to 12hours Up to 12-15hours Up to 12hours Up to 12-15hours Up to 12-15hours Compatible with PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim

What are the special features of the joysticks?

The Hall Effect sticks adopted non-contact magnetic induction to ensure the sticks never wear down in ther ifetime, preventing stick drifts, gamers are win in top

What's are in the package?

You will get 1x wireless controller for PS4,1x type-C cable, 1x user manual, 2x thumb sticks, 2x thumb grips

What should I do if controller pairing failed at first time?

Please delete some connect devices on your console, choose connect with bluetooth,then use a small tool and push the reset button (Any situation can be reset). Noted: Please charge the controller over night once receive it.

【Compatibility】---TERIOS 5SH series wireless controller is fully compatible with Playstation 4/Pro/Slim, the only joystick you will ever want to use again.(Note: 1/you need to activate device with the USB cable in the package for the first connection. 2/Please charge the controller over night once receive it.)
【No Drift Wireless Control for PS4】--TERIOS is the first wireless controller with hall effect sensor for PS4 controllers, without any drift and delay in all movements, especially for FPS mode, solving the painpoint of traditional gaming controllers.
【Replacement for PS4 Controller】--The wireless remote controller for Playstation 4 is equipped with latest chip and battery, Solved the problems of controller disconnection and can not be charge issues, with 6-axis motion sensor & dual buit-in shock motion motors, all actions are detected motion,tilt and rotation and responded to quickly.
【No Distractions】--One of the coolest parts about this TERIOS controller is that it has a center multi-touch pad that extends your gaming possibilities as well as a share button that lets you live-stream your game without pausing your session. To top it all off, the wireless controller has an 12 hours autonomy and is USB chargeable.
【Customer Satisfaction】--You will get 1x Controller for PS4,1x Type-C cable, 1x User manual, 2x Thumb sticks, 2x Thumb grips, 365 days after sale service, 24/7 customer support, Any question please do not hesitate to contact us, we will solve within 12 hours.
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“GameSir T4W Wired Dual Shock Gamepad for PC – LED Backlight, Vibration Feedback”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

From the brand springspring




GameSir Kaleid for Xbox

Transparent Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One,Windows 10/11 & Steam, with Hall Effect Joysticks/Hall Trigger

Popular Gamepad from GameSir

Popular Gamepad from GameSir


GameSir X4 Aileron

Licensed Xbox Controller, Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Controller for Android with Hall Effect Joysticks


GameSir X2s Type C

Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone 15 Series (USB-C), Android & HarmonyOS Phones


GameSir G8 Galileo

Type C Mobile Controller with Hall Effect Sticks and Hall Trigger, Magnetic Swappable Faceplates.


Hall Joysticks/Hall Trigger

The First Licensed Xbox Controller with Hall Effect Sticks and Hall Trigger, Magnetic Swappable Faceplate.


Cool Products

Dedicated to producing cool, high quality products that are pleasing to the eye while providing a high level of experience


Officially licensed by Xbox

GameSir X2 Pro is licensed by Xbox, get 1 month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for FREE with purchase



The gaming world is forever evolving, and GameSir is always ready to take on the challenge and never stops researching and developing


Vision of GameSir

GameSir wants to empower every individual and group to expand the boundary of joy

【 Dual Vibrator 】Asymmetric vibrating motor with 5 speed levels enhances immersion in games.Each hit, crash and explosion can be vividly felt. Also you can adjust the Motor vibration intensity.
【 Comfort & Ergonomic 】 Ergonomic, and excellent design with high-quality material.Clickable joysticks, easier to discern D-pad, and smooth, responsive shoulder buttons place you in the center of the action.
【 Design for PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7 】GameSir T4w wireless game controller is specially designed for PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7. GameSir MCU Chip provide you faster response and higher performance.
【 Colorful LED Backlight 】Trnslucent design, LED right ABXY buttons and right joystick also stand T4W out. Adjustable colorful LED light can make it to be the comfortable intensity.
【 Semi-transparent Cover 】Semi-transparent cover specially treated with matte finish shows excelletn contents. Compared to the traditional controller, it is more cool!