“60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Red Switches and Blue LED – Compact and Customizable”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description The red switches of this gaming keyboard are hot swappable, and these switches have quiet click sound, fast action with small resistance without a tactile bump feel,they are easier on your hands if you’re typing for long periods of time. All keys non-conflict. Allows multiple keys to work simultaneously with high speed. Let you enjoy high-grade games with fast response. Small size with 61 keys, save more space for your desk. And this mini gaming keyboard have multiple powder blue light effects to choose. Keyboard size: 11.46*3.98*1.54 inches Keyboard weight: about 520g Connection: wired Wire Length: about 1.5m Number of keys: 61 Switches: Hot swappable linear red switches Packing List 1* wired mechanical gaming keyboard 1*red ESC keycap 1*red SPACE keycap 1*double-head keycaps puller 1*instruction Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Reviews 3.9 out of 5 stars 30 3.9 out of 5 stars 30 4.4 out of 5 stars 4,248 4.4 out of 5 stars 298 4.4 out of 5 stars 4,248 4.1 out of 5 stars 119 Price — — $36.99$36.99 — $39.99$39.99 — Switches clicky blue switches clicky blue switches clicky blue switches membrane clicky blue switches linear red swithces Hot swappable X X X X X X Connection Wireless/Wired Dual Mode Wireless/Wired Dual Mode Wired Wired Wired Detachable Type C Wired Number of keys 61 61 104 104 104 84 Backlit RGB RGB Rainbow RGB Blue Blue ✅ [ N-Key Rollover ] All keys non-conflict. This mechanical gaming keyboards allows multiple keys to work with high speed. Let you enjoy games with fast response✅ [ Linear Red Switches ] Quiet click sound, fast action with small resistance without a tactile bump feel, gamers often prefer Red switches because they are not as springy, and easier to push down faster✅ [ Ergonomic & Durable ] Smooth lines,comfortable feeling and reduce your hand fatigue. Two-Color injection keycaps make this keyboard more durable and lasting✅ [ 61 Keys Compact with Blue Light ] Small size with 61 keys, save more space for your desk. And this mini gaming keyboard have 19 blue LED light effects to choose✅ [ Detachable Type-C Cable ] Plugging the keyboard in works straight away without any software installed, you can use it as easy as plug and play. And this USB port wired gaming keyboard is wide compatibilty, it adapt to Win2000/ 7 / 8 / 10

This gaming keyboard features hot swappable linear red switches that have a quiet click sound, fast action, and small resistance without a tactile bump feel, making it easier on your hands for long periods of typing. All keys on the keyboard are non-conflict, allowing multiple keys to work simultaneously with high speed for gaming. The compact keyboard has 61 keys, saving space on your desk, and offers multiple powder blue light effects to choose from. It comes with a wired connection and a 1.5m cable, with a keyboard size of 11.463.981.54 inches and weighing about 520g. Additionally, the keyboard includes red ESC and SPACE keycaps, a double-head keycap puller, and an instruction manual.

The keyboard has received positive reviews from customers, with an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. The price of the keyboard is $36.99, with options for clicky blue switches, wireless/wired dual mode, 104 keys, RGB backlit, and detachable Type-C wired connection. The keyboard features N-Key Rollover, ergonomic and durable design, and 19 blue LED light effects to choose from. The detachable Type-C cable allows for easy plug-and-play use, with compatibility for Windows 2000/7/8/10 operating systems.

Price: $29.99
(as of Jul 01, 2024 23:37:31 UTC – Details)

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Redragon K632 PRO 60% Wireless RGB Mechanical Keyboard: Tri-Mode, Low Profile Design & No-Lag Connection: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description K632K632 K632K632 K632K632 K632K632


Q1: How can I tell what mode the keyboard is in? How to switch modes?

In different modes, the M indicator will be displayed in different colors. Three modes BT1 (2, 3)/2.4G/USB will display Blue (Cyan, Purple)/Green/White in order.

With existing device connections, switching among by FN+1(2.3)/4 (wireless mode), FN+5 (wired mode).

Q2: When does the keyboard needs to be recharged and how do I know it is full?

When the M indicator light starts flashing in red, it is in low battery indication and you need to plug in the USB-C cable to charge in time.

During charging, M indicator will stay in solid red color (any mode) and restore to current connection mode color status when it’s fully charged.

Q3: Even in OFF mode, why does the keyboard still go into sleep mode?

This is because the keyboard is still in wireless mode (even in OFF mode), you need to press FN+5 to enter the wired USB mode again to make the keyboard backlight does not go out.

Q4: Why does the W/A/S/D keys become arrow keys?

Press FN + W to switch the WASD keys function to arrow keys, press them again to restore original function.

K632 PROK632 PRO



Ultra Low-Profile Keycaps

Redragon Low-profile series are made for as less actuation time as the gamers need. The keycaps are the first to cut in height, about 7mm gap to the standard normal keycaps, for shorter travel distance.

Ultra Low-Profile Switches

The core part is the switch for faster actuation in games, Redragon designed low-profile mechanical switches short the switch height to about 6mm and the 0.8mm actuation distance compared to standard switch, which makes you always be advanced.

Light Weight, Less Burden

With 421g lightweight and 60% compact & slim construction, you don't have to worry about the backpack weights or space while carrying it along. Grab it with your laptop together to your next meeting or game party without any hassle.

K632K632 Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Reviews 4.1 out of 5 stars 850 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,551 4.4 out of 5 stars 418 4.5 out of 5 stars 85 4.5 out of 5 stars 5,836 Price $46.99$46.99 $54.99$54.99 $59.99$59.99 — $59.99$59.99 Dimension/size 11.6×4.9 in 17.2×5.8 in 13.9×4.1 in 12.2×4.1 in 11.5×3.9 in Keyboard Weight 0.42 kg 0.70 kg 0.51 kg 0.45 kg 0.61 kg Switch Type Red Switch (Low profile) Red Switch (Low profile) Red Switch (Hot-Swap) Red Switch (Hot-Swap) Brown Switch (Hot-Swap) Keys 61 104 78 68 61 Connection Wired/BT/2.4Ghz Wired Wired/BT/2.4Ghz Wired Wired/BT/2.4Ghz Extra G Keys 4 5 0 0 0 RGB Backlit ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Software ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
3-Mode Connection - Here comes Redragon innovative 1st-Gen 3-mode connection technology, USB-C wired, BT 3.0/5.0 & 2.4Ghz wireless modes which make the user experience upgraded to another level in all fields.
HOT-SWAP Low-Profile - The transformative innovation with 100% low profile switches compatible free-mod hot swappable Redragon K632 PRO low profile keyboard. The unique exclusive structure design of the socket makes the switch mounting easier and less wobbling.
60% On-The-Go Type - Standard 60% compact layout with 14.8 oz lightweight combo, makes it a perfect fit to on-the-go use. Save your luggage space and weight, terrifically suitable with portable laptops.
30% Cutted Ultra-Thin - Low profile designed throughout the whole keyboard from the bottom board, middle low-profile red switches (actuation force: 40g) and the top keycaps aim to shorten the distance to actuation as much as possible.
More Extra Practical - Set with 4 x 4 on-the-fly macro keys and a dedicated function area for media control. Convenient to rec frequently used macros without software, play the next song, or just scroll for volume adjustment.
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“60% E-YOOSO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with RGB Backlighting and Red Switches”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description 60% Mini Size Mechanical Keyboard 60% Mini Size Mechanical Keyboard E-YOOSO E-YOOSO


E-YOOSO is professional computer peripheral equipment manufacturer with more than 15 years of history, committed to the development and production of wireless mouse, wireless keyboards, gaming mechanical keyboards and other computer peripheral products.

E-YOOSO RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Improve Your Typing And Gaming Experience

E-YOOSO RGB Gaming Keyboard has two-color injection molding high-value keycaps, 21+ backlight modes to meet your individual requirements.

E-YOOSO 60 RGB Percent Keyboard and Type C cable can be separated, making it more portable and concise. E-YOOSO 60% RGB Percent Mechanical Keyboard provides ergonomic curves & the quality structure material offered a comfortable operation to prevent fatigue and gain a perfect gaming experience. All keys are anti-ghosting to help you win the work and games. Using Z-11RGB keyboard software can customizable lighting settings.

Anti-Liquid Splash Design Anti-Liquid Splash Design

Ergonomic Design Ergonomic Design

Respond More Quickly Respond More Quickly

Anti-liquid Splash Design

Don't worry about accidentally splashing.

Ergonomic Design

Well-designed palm rest, care for your wrist and enjoy a beautiful experience.

Specially Tuned Keys

Respond quickly to your instructions

▶[Portable 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboard] : This is a 61 keys ultra-compact mini waterproof wired mechanical keyboard with metal panel and type-c removable connecting line, it's good for all environment, business travel games office home use, without Numpad, more practical for Gamers and Typist, make you a neat desktop with your organized gears on.
【Excellent Red Switch】: E-YOOSO mechanical keyboard uses Red switches, 50 million keystrokes lifespan, 2.0mm distance to actuation, 45g actuation force, easier to trigger, quiet click sound and fast action with minimal resistance, No paragraph sense, provide you with a quiet typing environment, Red switch is the best choose using in office.
▶[Vibrant RGB Keyboard] : E-YOOSO mechanical gaming keyboard has 20 RGB backlight modes. You can switch different lighting modes, you can adjust light brightness by, and you can also adjust light speed. In addition, you can also customize the lighting color of each key through the Z-11RGB Keyboard Software. The double-shot injection molded keycaps provide elegant and clear uniform backlight without glare.
▶[Hot-Swappable and double Injection Keycap] : Hot-swap PCB allows you to replace 3 pins switches freely without soldering issue, you can enjoy the fun of DIY different switches on one keyboard, making your own unique mechanical keyboard. The double injection keycap provide crystal clear uniform backlight and never fade. (Comes with the following accessories: Two keycaps, two blue switches, one keycap puller, one switch puller, one type-c cable.)
▶[Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard] : E-YOOSO 60 percent keyboard is a mechanical keyboard with the scientific stair-up keycap design brings maximum comfort, keeping your hand in a most natural state to minimize hand fatigue after longtime use and help you minimize typos. So it's designed for gamer, office worker, copywriter, programmer, typing teacher and editors.
▶[Widely Compatibility] : Our Z11 USB wired mechanical gaming keyboard is plug and play, no need any drive, it compatible for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS (Note: multimedia shortcuts are not available in Mac OS system). It also compatible with PS5/PS4, Works well with Desktops, Chrome-book, PC, Laptop, Computer, and more.
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“Enhance Your Gaming Experience with GameSir Thumb Grips for Multiple Controllers”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

GameSir Thumb Grip Pack for GameSir Controllers(except X2/X3), Xbox One/Xbox Series Controllers, PS4/PS5 Controllers, Switch Pro Controllers (Black)
Easy Installation: Effortless setup with bare-hand operation. Simply lift the thumb grip and slide it onto the stick - no tools required.
Abrasion resistance: Crafted from high-performance, environmentally friendly silicone material for an extended lifespan, ensuring gamers can immerse themselves in the game without concerns about controller wear.
Anti-slip material: The advanced laser engraving process not only adds an aesthetic touch but also provides superior anti-slip functionality to the thumb grip, ensuring a secure hold and providing fine-tuned precision during intense gaming sessions.
Universal Compatibility: Compatible with the entire GameSir controllers (except X2/X3), Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, Switch Pro, etc.
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PowerA Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller: Mario Joy – Pro Controller with Advanced Gaming Buttons (Officially Licensed): Available now at [price_with_discount]

Officially licensed by Nintendo, the PowerA Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch looks amazing and plays even better. Each controller features gorgeous designs and is engineered to ensure optimal in-game performance and reliability. Program two mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons on-the-fly and enjoy hours of gaming with super-comfortable ergonomics. Game for up to 30 hours with new alkaline AA batteries* or add your own rechargeable AA batteries. Backed by the PowerA Two-Year Limited Warranty. Can be used when Nintendo Switch is docked or undocked. Does not support HD rumble, IR, motion control, or Amiibo NFC. *Multiple variables affect battery life estimate.
Wireless Freedom – Play wirelessly on Nintendo Switch – OLED Model, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite
Advanced Gaming Buttons – Get an edge over the competition with two mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons that you can program at any time–even in the middle of the game
AA Battery Powered – Game for up to 30 hours with new alkaline AA batteries* or add your own rechargeable AA batteries
Intuitive Controls – Precision tuned analog sticks, Full size D-pad, ABXY and shoulder buttons (L/R/ZL/ZR)
Ergonomic Design – Comfortable for long gaming sessions
Officially Licensed – for Nintendo Switch – OLED Model, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. 2-Year Limited Warranty
Does not support HD rumble, IR Camera, Motion Controls or Amiibo NFC
LED Indicator – For player number, button mapping and low battery warning