ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Linear Gaming Keyboard: Compact Design, AIMO RGB Lighting, Titan Switch, Detachable USB-C Cable: Available now at [price_with_discount]

The ROCCAT Vulcan TKL is a tenkeyless variant of the award-winning Vulcan keyboard family. This smaller form factor means gamers have room for a larger pad and can use a bigger range of a mouse movements, ultimately giving them greater accuracy. The linear Titan Switch Mechanical delivers the industry’s best in speed and responsiveness. The switch adds to a comprehensive feature set that gamers know and love. The low-profile design is engineered for comfort. Impressive durability and build quality thanks to its reinforcing black anodized aluminum top plate, switches rated to 100 million keystrokes, dedicated mixer-style audio controls and per-key AIMO RGB lighting. To ensure additional peace of mind we provide a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty. TITAN SWITCH MECHANICAL (LINEAR) – Designed and built entirely by ROCCAT engineers and developed for gamers who love the feel of mechanical switches but demand a smooth and rapid actuationTENKEYLESS FORM FACTOR – This smaller factor allows for a larger pad and a bigger range of mouse movements, improving your aiming accuracyADVANCED ANTI-GHOSTING – Technology optimized for gamers to ensure every key stroke of the most-used keys is registered – no matter how frantic the action getsCUSTOMIZED YOUR WAY – ROCCAT’s Easy-Shift[plus] technology adds a secondary function to compatible keys; Just hold down the designated modifier key for double the command power in an instantMIXER-STYLE MEDIA CONTROLS – The tactile volume dial and mute button allow you to adjust volume and mute/unmute on the fly; Instant Control at your fingertipsAIMO ILLUMINATION – ROCCAT’s proprietary lighting eco-system connects compatible devices present vivid lighting scenarios right out of the box, without the need for extensive configuration; With full backlighting in 16.8 million colorsTOURNAMENT READY – The introduction of a detachable USB-C cable provides portability, whilst the on-board profile storage ensures you hit the same top performance at home and away

The ROCCAT Vulcan TKL is a compact mechanical keyboard designed for gamers who prioritize speed and accuracy. Its tenkeyless form factor allows for more space for mouse movements, enhancing aiming accuracy. The keyboard features ROCCAT’s custom-designed Titan Switch Mechanical (Linear) for smooth and rapid actuation. The keyboard also boasts advanced anti-ghosting technology to ensure every key stroke is registered during intense gaming sessions.

Additionally, the Vulcan TKL offers customizable features such as Easy-Shift[plus] technology, which allows users to assign secondary functions to keys for increased command power. The keyboard also includes mixer-style media controls for easy volume adjustments and mute/unmute functionality on-the-fly. The keyboard’s AIMO RGB lighting system provides vivid lighting scenarios in 16.8 million colors without the need for extensive configuration.

Furthermore, the Vulcan TKL is built for durability with a black anodized aluminum top plate, switches rated for 100 million keystrokes, and a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty for added peace of mind. The detachable USB-C cable provides portability for tournament-ready gaming on-the-go, while on-board profile storage ensures consistent performance at home or away.

Overall, the ROCCAT Vulcan TKL offers a combination of performance, customization, and durability for gaming enthusiasts looking for a high-quality mechanical keyboard.

Price: $99.99 - $69.99
(as of Jul 03, 2024 09:27:20 UTC – Details)

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“EPOMAKER Shadow-X: Gasket Mechanical Keyboard with Hot-Swap, Wireless Connectivity, and Long Battery Life”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description

This Shadow-X retain the most commonly-used keys for those who are inclined to a compact keyboard to save more space on desk. Including arrow keys to avoid mistyping and a RGB Screen for convenience, this keyboad can be very convenient for those users who are used to adjust RGB effects in daily use.

SHADOW-X SERIES Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars 118 4.4 out of 5 stars 67 4.4 out of 5 stars 67 4.4 out of 5 stars 67 Price $85.99$85.99 $85.99$85.99 $85.99$85.99 $85.99$85.99 Layout 70% Layout (70 + 1) 70% Layout (70 + 1) 70% Layout (70 + 1) 70% Layout (70 + 1) Mount Type Gasket Mounted Gasket Mounted Gasket Mounted Gasket Mounted Connection Bluetooth/2.4ghz/Type-C Wired Bluetooth/2.4ghz/Type-C Wired Bluetooth/2.4ghz/Type-C Wired Bluetooth/2.4ghz/Type-C Wired Battery Capacity 3000mah 3000mah 3000mah 3000mah Keycap Material PBT PBT PBT PBT Keycap Profile ESA Profile Cherry Profile Cherry Profile Cherry Profile Programmable ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Hot-Swap ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ South-facing LEDs ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Shell Material Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic LED South-facing LEDs South-facing LEDs South-facing LEDs South-facing LEDs Stabilizer Type Plate-mounted Plate-mounted Plate-mounted Plate-mounted Shadow-X shadow-x shadow-x shadow-x shadow-x 1 3 Modes 2 Pixel Screen 3 PBT Keycap 4 RGB Backlight 5 Switch Parameters Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars 118 4.4 out of 5 stars 118 4.4 out of 5 stars 118 4.4 out of 5 stars 118 4.4 out of 5 stars 118 Price $42.99$42.99 $85.99$85.99 $85.99$85.99 $42.99$42.99 $85.99$85.99 Switch Type Linear Linear Linear Linear Tactile Actuation Force 45gf 47gf 50gf 47gf 47gf Bottom Force 62gf 60gf max N/A 60gf max 60gf max Actuation Travel 2.0mm 1.7mm N/A 1.1mm 2.0mm Total Travel 3.6mm 3.8mm 4.0mm 3.8mm 3.8mm Compatibility/Pin 5-pin 5-pin 3-pin 5-pin 5-pin Factory Lubed ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Shadow-X Shadow-X Indicator Lights

Allows you to easily judge capitalization, Wired/Bluetooth/2.4G wireless mode, and Win key lock status.

Shadow-X Shadow-X Two-stage Adjustable Tilt Legs

Anti-slip and Two-stage adjustable tilt outriggers, available in two different heights according to different needs.

Shadow-X Shadow-X Hot Swappable Board

Comes with the south-facing LEDs to avoid interference with Cherry-profile keycaps.

Shadow-X Shadow-X Long Battery Life

Powered by 3000mAh high-capacity battery for long time wireless use.


Model EPOMAKER Shadow-X Number of keys 70 keys+1 knob Connectivity wireless and wired Battery 3000mAh Structure Gasket-mounted South-facing LED Yes Keycaps double shot PBT material Plate material PC Hot swappable yes Bottom layer Silicon pad Sandwich layer Poron foam, IXPE switch pad Compatible system Win/macOS/Linux/Android/iOS 1 EPOMAKER Shadow-X Gaming Keyboard
【Introduction of EPOMAKER Shadow-X Keyboard】 Inspired by the contrast between darkness and light, the keyboard showcases a stylish blend of mysterious black tones and stunning RGB lighting. With a focus on precision and comfort, the Shadow-X Keyboard is crafted to deliver an exceptional typing experience. It represents a visionary approach that pushes the boundaries of functionality and aesthetics, merging technology and art seamlessly
【Intuitive Color Screen and Metal Rotary Knob】Stay in control with the intuitive 1.06-inch color screen and the sleek metal rotary knob. The screen displays important settings at a glance, while the knob offers precise control and effortless navigation, making your typing experience more efficient and enjoyable
【Gasket-Mount Mechanical Keyboard】EPOMAKER Shadow-X is a gasket-mount keyboard with Poron sandwich layer and bottom silicone pad to achieve an ultimate soft and smooth typing experience. Pre-lubed stabilizer and switch pad are added to enrich performance. With gasket structure design, typing feel is greatly improved, noise is maximally reduced, and stability is enhanced. Every keystroke is a joy to behold as you experience unparalleled comfort and precision, making long typing sessions a breeze
【Three Modes of Connectivity,Built-in 3000mAh Battery】Equipped with a 3000mAh battery, the Shadow-X will keep up with your demanding work hours. Bid farewell to frequent charging interruptions and enjoy the convenience of extended battery life that supports your productivity throughout the day. By the wireless option, either Bluetooth (up to 5.0) or 2.4GHz can be chosen, allowing you to focus on your work or gaming sessions without interruptions
【PC Plate, South-facing LED】Enjoy a stable and accurate typing platform with the PC positioning plate featuring precision-cut slots. Another standout feature of the Shadow-X Keyboard is the south-facing LED configuration. Unlike traditional north-facing LEDs, the south-facing LED placement ensures that the lighting is directed towards the user, resulting in enhanced visibility and a more immersive typing experience.
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“Ultimate Wireless Mobile Gaming Controller with RGB Light Hall Joystick for iPhone/Android”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description Wireless Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone/Android, Phone Game Controller Support Phone CaseWireless Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone/Android, Phone Game Controller Support Phone Case Larstylee Wireless Mobile Gaming Controller, Bluetooth Controller for Android/iOSLarstylee Wireless Mobile Gaming Controller, Bluetooth Controller for Android/iOS larstylee bluetooth 5.0 connection can be played directly, low latency bluetooth mobile Gamepad for Android with Phone Case Support bluetooth mobile controllers Turbo, Hall Effect Joystick, Controller for iPhone 15/14/13/12 Larstylee Wireless Mobile Gaming Controller, Bluetooth Controller for Android/iOSLarstylee Wireless Mobile Gaming Controller, Bluetooth Controller for Android/iOS Wireless Gamepad for iPhone with RGB Hall Effect Joystick/Turbo Support Streaming/Cloud Gaming Wireless Mobile Gaming Controller Supports Xbox Game Pass, xCloud, GeForce NOW, Luna, Stadia Phone Game Controller Support Phone Case, RGB Light Hall Joystick Mobile Gaming Controller for iPad/Tablet 4-7inches Wireless Gamepad Wireless Gamepad for iPhone with RGB Hall Effect Joystick/Turbo Support Streaming/Cloud GamingWireless Gamepad for iPhone with RGB Hall Effect Joystick/Turbo Support Streaming/Cloud Gaming

Which games I can play on our phone controller for iphone

You can play Xbox Game Pass, Ps Remote Play, Steam Link, Arcade, GeForce Now and other cloud gaming platforms.

Larstylee mobile game controllers support most of controller games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Call of Duty, Roblox etc

My phone case is very thick, can I still put it in with my phone?

Normally, our android controller can hold most cell phones.It has enough space for Phone Case & Camera. ( stretch length is 7in max, thickness:0.78in max)

you do not need to take off the case. it's perfect solution to the phone camera bulge problem

How do I connect my iPhone 15 to this mobile gaming controller?

1, press "B+HOME" to start game controller

2, Find the bluetooth name on your devices

3, click on pairing

(Please be sure phone controller not in charging before bluetooth connected)

What should I do if the larstylee phone game controller doesn't work after 3 months?

We will help you to solve the problems if the phone game controller can't work again. We provide replacement service

【Wireless Mobile Game Controller】 This phone game controller works with Android and iphone including iPhone 15 series. Connection way (Please be sure phone controller not in charging before bluetooth connected) press B+HOME button to start mobile gaming controller. Find the bluetooth name on your devices, then click on pairing. After just press HOME button to wake up the mobile phone controller again (Please contact us if there is a problem about connection latency)
【Enough Space for Phone Case & Camera】 The extra large drop down space on the left side of Larstylee phone game controller allows you to easily fit the case along with your phone into the center mounting area. Perfect solution to the phone camera bulge problem with this bluetooth mobile gaming controller. Adjustable stretch((4-7inches)) holds your phone firmly in place and prevents it from coming loose during game play
【Cool Button Lighting with Cell Phone Game Controller】 Larstylee mobile gaming controller for iphone provide multi-color changing telemetry aperture effect on the Hall Joystick. And lightable phone game controller buttons create a better gaming atmosphere when playing games. TURBO+L3(Left Joystick) can control the lighting of ABXY buttons. TURBO+R3(Right Joystick) can cycle the joystick light ring for these wireless mobile gaming controllers for Android
【Precise Execution & Large Grip】 These upgraded Hall remote joysticks do not drift, not wear out, also have no dead zones. Easy to execute precise movements during gameplay, especially for FPS shooter games. And the iphone gaming controller buttons are responsive and delicate to control. Comfortable grip with this android phone game controller is more ergonomically, allowing you to enjoy long time to game without feeling your hands getting tired
【Play Phone Controller Supported Games】 Our mobile phone game controller support Xbox Game Pass, Playstation Remote Play, Steam Link, Arcade, GeForce Now and other cloud games. The iphone controller for gaming allows more interaction with your phone, play games with anyone, anytime, anywhere like Fortnite, Minecraft, Call of Duty, Roblox etc
【3-Level Turbo Function & Dual Vibration】 Larstylee mobile game controller has three speeds per second. You can set Turbo + A/B/X/Y/L/ZL/R/ZR buttons to easily win in shooting and fighting games. Long press the TURBO button for 5s can clear all buttons TURBO function. Dual motor vibration to enhance the game immersion for the ultimate mobile gaming experience with our phone controller for Android
【Long Lasting Gaming Time】 This wireless mobile gamepad has a built-in 600mAh recyclable rechargeable battery, the product can be quickly fully charged within 2 hours, allowing you to play games 15 hours without interruption (because it is wirelessly connection to the cell phone device, it does not support charging the cell phone directly, so it won't damage the cell phone's charging port). We also provide tech support and after-sales for all customers
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“HyperX Alloy Rise: The Ultimate Hot-Swappable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

As the world's most customizable toolless mechanical gaming keyboard on the market5, the HyperX Alloy Rise takes personalization to the next level. Not only can you hot-swap in key switches, but also magnetic top plates, badges, and more. All that customization is built onto the Alloy Rise’s solid frame and ultra-responsive 8k polling rate. Out of the box, this keyboard features pre-lubed HyperX Linear Switches rated for up to 80 million keypresses1  as well as pre-installed HyperX PBT Keycaps. You’ll also get an upgraded RGB experience courtesy of the ambient light sensor that auto-adjusts the brightness, 10 keyboard profiles saved directly to the keyboard, and powerful customization via HyperX NGENUITY Software. Get one step closer to your endgame with the HyperX Alloy Rise.
Copious customization options: With swappable toolless top plates, badges, and rotary knobs, you’ll have a wealth of ways to show off your own individual style. Rise up!
Hot-swappable keyboard: Take keyboard personalization even further with the ability to hot-swap your key switches of choice into the board.
Smart ambient light sensor: Alloy Rise is the world’s first gaming keyboard to introduce an ambient light sensor that dynamically adjusts the backlighting of your RGB to your environmental lighting conditions. Just tweak your preferences in NGENUITY and you’re set!
Gasket mounted keyboard: The Alloy Rise is gasket mounted, and pairs that feature with smooth, easy-actuating HyperX Linear Switches to make your typing an even more comfortable experience.
Superb keypress stability and reliability: HyperX Linear Switches have a half-wall POM stem for better stability of the preinstalled HyperX PBT Keycaps. They're also factory lubed for smooth actuation and rated for up to 80 million keypresses.
Dedicated media controls: Take control of your entertainment with dedicated media controls for forward, back, play and pause. Use the rotary knob to adjust or mute the volume.
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Ultimate Gaming Keyboard: FE87/104 S Hot-Swappable Backlit Mechanical Keyboard: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description logologo A+A+

About Us

IROK is a manufacturer specializing in professional game equipment accessory. The founders of IROK are committed to creating professional gaming mechanical keyboards, each of which is meticulously carved, just to bring players a more outstanding gaming experience and performance. Constantly update and upgrade, and create a high-performance mechanical keyboard that combines appearance and practicality.

It is a great choice for office, home, and gaming experience.

Support is applicable to all major computer brands and gaming computers.


IROK Driver


IROK driver helps you to design your keyboard freely and can easily do adjust and customize a variety of lighting effects, change media keys, etc.

[music rhythm] this lighting effect can go with the rhythm of the music and change the keyboard lights, very cool.



Professional gaming keyboard chipAnti Ghosting/N-Key RolloverErgonomic designThree-layer sound-deadening structure


hot swappable switchhot swappable switch

type Ctype C

ABS keycap

Hot-Swapable Switch

Multi-function Type-C

【Hot-Swapable Switch】- High-quality mechanical switch with hot swappable function supporting hot swap of 3-pin/5-pin switches is making sure that the feeling of keyboard can be customized
【Triple layer sound deadening structure】IROK mechanical keyboard uses under switch pad, sandwich cotton and bottom cotton design to minimize the noise, making every strike achieve the best feel and sound. Top sound-deadening silicone pads absorb the impact of every keystroke to create flexible, soft and clean typing
【Anti Ghosting/N-Key Rollover】- Experience reliable key input with this anti-ghosting keyboard versus non-gaming mechanical keyboards. FE87/104 S's lighting is made of a single color, white keyboard is ice blue light, black keyboard is white light, giving you full visual enjoyment
【Comfortable Ergonomic Ladder Keycaps】- ABS keycap has better backlight effects while ergonomic stepped keycap and two-stage support leg provide comfortable typing experience
【Multi-function Type-C】- Use the popular Type-C interface to charge, easy inserting and extracting. The keyboard cable is separated for easy disassembly and portability
【NOTE】-Short press [FN+ESC] could open IROK Driver directly, and the driver download page will open automatically if you are first time to use the key combination