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Robot Vacuum Cleaner from ROPVACNIC with 3000Pa Cyclone Suction: Available now at $98.38 instead of $139.99

ROPVACNIC has been a leader in the cleaning field for over 12 years, selling over one million units worldwide and gaining the trust of countless families. They are known for their high-quality products and commitment to making cleaning easier and smarter for people. With 68 industry-leading patents and a focus on smart home technology, ROPVACNIC is dedicated to improving people’s lives through intelligent cleaning solutions.

Their robot vacuum cleaner is designed with a 3000Pa Cyclone Cleaning System that efficiently removes dust, pet hair, and debris from various surfaces. It can be controlled through a smart app or voice commands, allowing for personalized cleaning and hands-free operation. The robot vacuum is also engineered for pet owners, with a no-entanglement design and a large dust box for efficient pet hair collection.

The robot vacuum offers six cleaning modes and can be scheduled to clean automatically, navigating around obstacles and returning to the charging station when needed. It is designed to clean hard-to-reach places and has a slim profile to access under furniture and beds. The package includes the robot vacuum, spare filters, side brushes, and a remote control for easy operation.

Overall, ROPVACNIC’s robot vacuum cleaner offers a convenient and intelligent cleaning solution for busy households, making cleaning chores a thing of the past.

Price: $98.38
(as of Apr 22, 2024 14:21:25 UTC – Details)

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Robot VacuumRobot Vacuum


Brand StoryBrand Story

ROPVACNIC has been focusing on the cleaning field for more than 12 years and has sold more than one million units in 300 supermarkets worldwide, gaining the support and appreciation of countless families.

We have always been known for our high-quality products and services, and we are committed to bringing people an easier and smarter cleaning life and making intelligent homes better for people’s lives.


12 years of smart home experience

68 industry-leading patents

Trusted by millions of families

Are Our Products of High Quality?

With large laboratories, dozens of subject matter experts and multi-level quality control processes, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products.

What is Our Mission?

We are committed to bringing people an easier and smarter cleaning life and making intelligent homes better for people’s lives.


Pet HairPet Hair

Are you still tired of cleaning your house manually or worried about pet hair scattered all over the floor?
【3000Pa Cyclone Cleaning System】ROPVACNIC robot vacuum, fortified with enhanced, hard-hitting suction power, increases the cleaning efficiency by 30%. It proficiently vacuums all dust, pet hair, crumbs, and various debris on multiple surfaces such as hardwood floors, low-pile carpets, etc.
【Smart APP and Voice Control】Through phone control, you can accomplish your personalized cleaning needs at your fingertips anywhere, anytime, including switching cleaning modes, monitoring the real-time status, setting scheduled cleaning, etc. Moreover, by voice commands, you can clean your home while lying on the couch, enjoying an utterly hands-free cleaning experience(compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant).
【Cleans Where You Can’t 】Measuring at a mere 2.99 inches in height, coupled with a sophisticated sensing system, the mini aspiradora robot effortlessly accesses and cleans under beds, furniture, and other hard-to-reach places. Its dual rotating electric side brushes sweep and collect hidden dust and hair from edges and corners that are often overlooked and neglected.
【Engineered for Pet Owner】The exclusive no-entanglement design negates the need for your dirty hands to clean up tangled dog or cat hair, unlike traditional roller brushes. A 3-point cleaning system and 600ML optimized larger dust box collects pet hair more efficiently throughout the house, saving you the hassle.
【Scheduled Cleaning and Self-recharging】Once set, the robot will do the rest on time with zero effort when you are doing about your day. It will automatically start cleaning, obstacle avoidance, easily navigating around your home and returning to the charging station when it’s done. The robot will give you a clean home when you step back through the door.
【Six Cleaning Modes to Meet Your Needs】①Auto Cleaning ②Spot cleaning ③Edge cleaning ④Schedule cleaning ⑤Manual Control ⑥Zigzag cleaning. Tailor the cleaning mode to your needs via ROPVACNIC Smart APP for comprehensive and intelligent cleaning. (Note: Zigzag mode needs to be set on the robotic vacuum cleaner, please refer to the manual.)
【Hassle-free Remote Control Included】Just pick up and start, without the hassle of mobile phones, internet or signal, making it easier to use for you and your family (even teenagers and the elderly). The package contains ROPVACNIC Robot A1, Spare HEPA Filter、Charging Base、Remote Control、Power Adapter 、Self Cleaning Tool、600ML large Dust Box、4 Spare Side Brushes 、Product User Manual、APP Instruction Guide.