“Review: MageGee 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue LED Backlight and Red Switches”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description Great Wear Resistance Sturdy Double-Shot Keycaps Delicate touch and no fading. These keycaps feature fully enclosed letters for a more refined look. Easy to Connect and Carry Detachable USB Type-C Cable Plug and play, no driver required. It’s portable, easy to store and keeps the desktop neat and tidy. Linear Red Switches Quieter, smoother & easier to trigger. Small but Practical 60% Layout with 100% Performance Retains commonly used keys (arrow keys and multimedia shortcuts), frees up workspace on your desk. Comfortable Typing Ergonomic High and Low Layout Keycaps The curved keycaps fit your fingers perfectly, reducing typing fatigue and relieving pain after use. 1 Keycaps 2 Cable 3 Switches 4 Compact Layout 5 Ergonomics Create an Immersive Game Atmosphere Charming Ice Blue LED Backlighting The backlight is cool and not dazzling. A combination of static and dynamic modes, plus multiple light brightness and speed to choose from. Personalize your light effect to fit your style. Exquisite Design, Nice Appearance Mixed-Color Configuration Keyboard The element of color mixing is used on the entire set of keycaps and the frame, which is more eye-catching than monotonous solid colors. A great addition to your gaming setup. Does this keyboard have anti-ghosting features? Yes, 100% Anti-Ghosting. Each keypress is correctly detected no matter how many keys are pressed simultaneously. How do I use the function key shortcuts? You can hold down the FN key and the corresponding key for easy access like a full-size keyboard, e.g. FN + 2@ = F2, FN + U = Scrlk. Can I replace the original cable with my own? Yes. SKY68 uses a detachable USB Type-C cable, you can use other cables as long as they are compatible, but it is recommended that you use the included cable. SMALL FRAME, BIG PERFORMANCE: SKY68 mechanical gaming keyboard has a 60% compact form factor with separate arrow keys and function keys. It performs the commands of a full-size keyboard while freeing up desktop space. Easy to carry and perfect for limited spaces.GORGEOUS BLUE LED BACKLIGHT: Luminous blue backlight with a variety of static and dynamic lighting effects, most visible in dark environments. Press FN + | to switch the light mode, FN + ⬅ / ➡ to slow down/fasten the light speed, and FN + ⬆ / ⬇ to increase/decrease the light brightness.LINEAR RED SWITCHES: The red switch has a short trigger key travel, low resistance, and the key action is straight up and down and smooth. It has a light feel and is suitable for users who need to type quickly, such as gamers. It is relatively quiet and will not disturb others.FULL KEYS ANTI-GHOSTING & PLUG AND PLAY: All 68 keys have independent switches, no matter how many keys are pressed at the same time, they can work normally. This 60 percent mechanical keyboard comes with a detachable Type-C cable for a stable connection with no lag.DELICATE MIXED-COLOR KEYBOARD: This mini keyboard features a color-mix design for the keycaps and the entire frame, which is more eye-catching and better matches your gaming setup. Double-shot keycaps are not easy to get oily, do not fade, and will not wear out after long-term use.

The SKY68 mechanical gaming keyboard is a compact and portable keyboard with a 60% layout that still retains essential keys like arrow keys and multimedia shortcuts. It features linear red switches that are quiet and smooth, making them ideal for fast typing or gaming. The keyboard has a detachable USB Type-C cable for easy connectivity and anti-ghosting features to ensure that every keypress is accurately detected.

The keyboard also boasts a charming ice blue LED backlighting with multiple lighting modes and brightness options to create a personalized gaming atmosphere. The mixed-color configuration of the keycaps and frame adds a unique and eye-catching design to the keyboard. The ergonomic high and low layout of the keycaps provides comfortable typing and reduces typing fatigue.

Overall, the SKY68 mechanical gaming keyboard offers great wear resistance with sturdy double-shot keycaps and an easy-to-connect design. It is a practical and functional keyboard for gamers and typists alike, with a compact layout that maximizes desk space. The keyboard is easy to use and carry, making it a convenient option for users who are on the go.

Price: $29.99
(as of Jul 02, 2024 16:06:07 UTC – Details)

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FALL GUY - Cable Guys Phone Stand & Controller Holder - For a Fall Guy, life is like an assault course – bouncy, bright, and a little topsy-turvy. But now that he’s emerged victorious, our Fall Guy Cable Guy is ready to take a break and enjoy the good life as part of your gaming set-up. Fall Guys phone, remote control and gaming controller stand / holder. Compatible with most types of smartphones and console controllers, including the next-gen PlayStation 5 DualSense, Xbox Series S/X and all iPhones.
Fall Guy Cable Guy is ready to take a break and enjoy the good life as part of your gaming set-up.
8.5" FIGURE: Heavy duty PVC statue and sturdy base that holds your stuff without tipping over.
VERSATILE: Easily holds and displays most hand-held electronics, business cards, TV remotes, eBook readers, etc!
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Introducing the G.Skill KM250 RGB Mechanical Keyboard: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description KM250 RGB 65% (67-Key) Compact Mechanical Keyboard km250 rgb 65% 67-key compact mechanical keyboard hero image large km250 rgb 65% 67-key compact mechanical keyboard hero image large

The KM250 RGB keyboard is a compact 65% mechanical keyboard with a 67-key layout design. Featuring PBT dual-injection pudding keycaps, hot-swappable keyswitches, detachable USB Type-C cable, volume control knob, and hotkey-controlled RGB backlighting, the KM250 RGB is ideal for everyday use.

km250 rgb 65% 67-key compact mechanical keyboard hotspot km250 rgb 65% 67-key compact mechanical keyboard hotspot km250 rgb keyswitch km250 rgb keyswitch Hot-Swappable Keyswitches

The keyswitches are designed to be hot-swappable on the KM250 RGB, allowing users to switch to other compatible keyswitch types (3-pin or 5-pin) from the included Kailh Red keyswitches.

km250 rgb detachable usb type-c cable km250 rgb detachable usb type-c cable Detachable, Braided USB Type-C Cable

With a detachable USB Type-C cable, the KM250 RGB keyboard can easily be taken on-the-go for ultra-portability.

km250 rgb volume control knob km250 rgb volume control knob Volume Control Knob

Easily adjust or mute the system volume with the integrated volume control knob.

km250 rgb 2-stage standoff km250 rgb 2-stage standoff 2-Stage Standoff

Adjust the keyboard tilt angle in 2 stages to find the most comfortable height for everyday typing.

Compact 65% Layout (67-Key) Design
Durable PBT Dual-Injection Pudding Keycaps
Hot-Swappable Keyswitches
Detachable, Braided USB Type-C Cable
Volume Control Knob
2-Stage Standoff Feet
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Product Description 22 3 2 3 1 Tournament Level 2 Crystal Switches 3 Customizable RGB 11 33

How do I get my device to work on PS4/PS5/XBOX?

For Playstation 4 compatibility, you will need to use either the PS4 Mode or the PS Passthrough add-on. Pls refer to our official website link: cosmoxgaming.com/support/

For the PS5/XBOX, you need to purchase an additional converter.

Why dose my controller stop responding after a while on PS4 or PS5?

PS4 and PS5 use an authentication mechanism. If a device doesn’t implement this authentication mechanism the controller is subject to an 8-minute timeout.

Pls refer to our official website link: cosmoxgaming.com/support/ to set your device.

Which input mode should I use?

This will depend on the platform you will be playing on:

XInput Mode - PC games, 3rd party console adapters

PS4 Mode - PS4, PS5 systems

Keyboard Mode - MAME cabinets, PC rhythm games

Pls refer to official website: cosmoxgaming.com/support/ to set.

SIXSIR Leverless Controller Customer Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars 4 4.7 out of 5 stars 5 5.0 out of 5 stars 7 4.6 out of 5 stars 3 Price $47.49$47.49 $126.99$126.99 $74.49$74.49 $53.99$53.99 Material Plastic Alloy Acrylic Plastic Features Simple & Stylish Upgrade Metal Texture Flagship acrylic sandwich Tournament Level Firmware GP2040-CE GP2040-CE GP2040-CE GP2040-CE Switch LEOBOG Graywood V4 Switches Kailh low-profile switches Kailh low-profile switches Kailh low-profile switches Buttom 16 Keys 12/16 Keys 12/16 Keys 12 Keys
Versatile Compatibility: Replacing a joystick with 4 movement buttons, SIXSIR leverless controller bring you more precise input. Support PS5/PS4/PS3/Nintendo Switch/Windows 10 or above / Steam Deck/Raspberry Pi(Lakka, RetroPie, Recalbox, Batocera)/MiSTer/Android, Linux, iPadOS, macOS, Windows (Keyboard mode only). ATTENTION: The setting of PS4/PS5/XBOX should refer to the manual or official website link: cosmoxgaming.com/support/
Simple yet Sophisticated: Only 240g, SIXSIR Pad 12 make of ASB material which is carry friendly, to bring more confortable touch. Equipped with anti-slip silicone pads on both sides, customized real-time feedback on oled screen to make Pad 12 to be a more polished product
Tournament Level: Equipped with tournament lock switch, Sixsir Pad 12 arcade controller to secure your win in the heat of competition by eliminating accidental inputs
12 Key Kailh Transparent Low-profile Switches: Customized low-profile switches with more accurate feedback. SIXSIR PAD 12 adopt hot-swappable button and competition standards - 12 key layout
Customizable RGB: With multiple color combinations to personalized to match your gaming setup
What's in the box? 1*Pad 12 (207*140*13mm, 240g), 1*USB Type - C, Accessories (Crystal low-profile Switch X1 ,Switch Puller) 1*Instruction Manual
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“Newmen GM326 Gasket Hot Swappable Gaming Keyboard with Rainbow LED Backlit”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description 75% Layout mechanical keybaord75% Layout mechanical keybaord Removable data cable/adjustable legsRemovable data cable/adjustable legs customized ligjht effectscustomized ligjht effects indicator lightindicator light GM326 mechanical keybaordGM326 mechanical keybaord
[82 Keys with Rainbow Led Backlighting] The 82 keys gaming keyboard can save desk space. The detachable Type-C cable and small size make it easy to carry for home/office use or business trips. Rainbow LED backlight mechanical gaming keyboard provides you with cool visual effects. It offers 6 backlighting color and 20 backlighting modes to personalize your mechanical keyboard's appearance.
[Hot-swappable Linear Switch] hot swappable function can let you customize your mechanical keyboard with different combination layout on keycaps and 3-pin switches.The red switch characterized for being linear and smoother, slight key sound with minimal resistance, but fast action without a tactile feel; easy to tap the gaming keyboard。
[Full key Anti-Ghosting] All keys non-conflict, This 75% percent keyboard allow multiple keys to work simultaneously, suitable for gamer, writer,programmer,typist etc. And this 75 percent keyboard is Wide Compatibilty, it adapt to Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11,MAC OS10.10 or above.
[Multi-function Knobs and Indicators] A multi-function knob in the upper right corner of the 75% keyboard enables you to adjust the sound level for fast, seamless and easy-to-use operation. Three indicator lights on the 82 keys keyboard give you a quicker overview of the 82 key keyboard's status. The indicators from top to bottom refer to: Caps lock, windows lock, and win/mac switch.
[Comfortable Ergonomic] :ABS keycap has better lightening effects while ergonomic stepped keycap and two-stage support leg provide comfortable typing experience.Two-stage Adjustable Tilt Legs:Anti-slip and two-stage adjustable tilt outriggers,available in two different heights according to different needs.