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Higround Opal Basecamp 65: A Transparent Mechanical USB Wired Gaming Keyboard Available Now At Only $120

The product from keyboard expert Higround is a compact gaming keyboard with a 65% layout and arrow keys, designed for efficient gameplay without sacrificing essential keys. The keyboard features a transparent polycarbonate frame and ABS keycaps with vibrant backlighting, combining 90’s nostalgia with modern aesthetics. It offers a comfortable typing experience with dual silicone dampening layers for a weighted feel and immersive “thock” sound. The White Flame Switches by Higround and TTC provide seamless typing with hot-swappable mechanical switches. The keyboard also features customizable RGB lighting, hot-swappable switches, and a keycap puller tool for hardware and software customization. It is a versatile gift for gamers seeking performance and versatility, making it an ideal present for friends, family, or colleagues.

Price: $159.99 - $120.00
(as of May 11, 2024 14:11:05 UTC – Details)