“H61 60% Mechanical Keyboard: Hot Swappable, RGB, PBT Keycaps”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description Detachable Type-C Cable 1.5m Type-C cable widely compatible with PC devices, more general and convenient charging method, more solid data transmission. Mini Portable Size 11.5 X 4 inches mini compact size plus 0.53kg lightweight frame, portable for carrying outside for working or entertaining not only for indoor use. Pre-lubed Linear Switches Bring smooth typing feeling and pleasant typing sound, provide fast response for exciting game. ⌨【Retro Style 60% Keyboard】The theme style makes this 60% keyboard more unique. The matte translucent bottom cover will give your keyboard an incredibly smooth and clean feeling when RGB is turned off. When RGB is turned on, the frosted wall brings out the brilliance of RGB in all directions.⌨【DIY Mini Colorful Gaming Keyboard】H61 Mechanical keyboard come with 3 pcs sublimation keycaps that can be replaceable, You can freely match the colors you like. So that you can DIY and do whatever you want. In the hearts of players, H61 is the most cost-effective DIY 60% mechanical keyboard. Meet your needs for custom keyboards.⌨【Hot-Swappable Custom Keyboard】Quiet red mechanical switch, linear and soft key travel makes every click easy to register. Made to last with switches rated for 50 million keypresses. Type-C USB Cable, High Speed Transmission,More stable transmission. The keyboard is compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One so you can have one keyboard for both PC and console gaming.⌨【 Plate & Switch 2 in 1 Silicone Pad】The gaming keyboard has added the latest 2in1 Silicone Pad, which provides a richer operating space for keyboard DIY enthusiasts. Pad can maximally absorb hollow sound and provide extra stable typing feeling.⌨【RGB Rainbow Backlit & Macro】With the OHY progarmmable software, you can define your own keyboard through seting up millions of backlit colors and macro keys, h61 led gaming keyboard bring more color to your desktop setup and add more fun to your gaming and working.⌨【Full Anti-Ghosting】XVX H61- 61 keys gaming keyboard all keys conflict-free, can be triggered at the same time, which makes the game and typing more effective and smooth, also can be easily achieved through the auxiliary key Fn full-size keyboard.⌨【Linear Red Switch】 :Most quiet mechanical switch that features a linear and smooth, soft, top-to-bottom feedback providing easier and smoother use than other tactile switches. Perfect for people who work in open offices and for gamers who stay up late.

The product being described is a 60% mechanical gaming keyboard that features a detachable Type-C cable for convenient charging and data transmission. The keyboard is mini-sized and lightweight, making it portable for use both indoors and outdoors. It also includes pre-lubed linear switches that provide a smooth and pleasant typing experience, making it suitable for gaming.

The keyboard has a retro style design that gives it a unique look, with a matte translucent bottom cover that provides a smooth and clean feeling when the RGB lighting is turned off. When the RGB lighting is turned on, the frosted wall enhances the brilliance of the lighting in all directions. The keyboard also comes with 3 replaceable sublimation keycaps, allowing users to customize the colors to their liking. It is designed to be hot-swappable, making it easy to switch out switches if desired.

The keyboard features a plate and switch 2 in 1 silicone pad, which provides a richer operating space for keyboard DIY enthusiasts and absorbs hollow sounds for a more stable typing experience. It also includes RGB rainbow backlighting and macro keys that can be customized using the provided software. The keyboard is full anti-ghosting, meaning all keys can be triggered simultaneously without issue.

The H61 mechanical keyboard is equipped with quiet red mechanical switches that have a linear and soft key travel, making clicks easy to register. The switches are rated for 50 million keypresses, ensuring durability. The keyboard is compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, making it suitable for both PC and console gaming.

Overall, the H61 mechanical gaming keyboard is designed for gamers and keyboard enthusiasts looking for a customizable and portable option with smooth typing and gaming experience.

Price: $25.99 - $23.99
(as of Jul 08, 2024 03:50:57 UTC – Details)

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“Funlab Firefly Switch Pro Controller: Wireless Gamepad with 7 LED Colors for Nintendo Switch/Lite – Ghost Pink”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description switch-pro-controller_01switch-pro-controller_01 Tap,Glow, and Trick!
Dark Mystery, Luminous Play!
switch-pro-controller switch-pro-controller switch-pro-controller switch-pro-controller 1 Game-playing Time 2 Back Buttons 3 Ergonomic Design 4 Compatibility More Compatibility, More Choices Compatibility

For SwitchFor PhonesFor PCFor Steamdeck For phones

For Phones

Android - 6.0 and aboveiOS - 13.3 and above For PC

For PC

Windows XP and above For Steamdeck

For Steamdeck

SteamOS Holo 3.4 and above How-To Video Connection Method Instruction

From the HOME Menu, select Controllers, then Change Grip and Order.Press and hold Y + HOME for 3 seconds and 4 LED lights flash quickly. The LED(s) becoming stable, pairing finishes.If you are not connecting for the first time, you can click HOME Button to connect successsfully. Turbo Function Instruction

Press and hold “T” Button + one of the Function Button (A/B/X/Y/L/R/ZL/ZR/D-pad Button).1st: Manual TURBO Function (Press and hold to launch continuously).2st: Automatic TURBO Function (Automatically continuous launch).3st: Clear TURBO Function. Light Control Instruction

Turn on the light: Press HOME Button.

Turn off the light: Press and hold Light Button for 3 seconds.Change the Light Color: Press Light Button. Colors will change each time you press Light Button. Change the Lighting Mode: Press Light Button + “⊕”: 1st: Breathing light mode; 2st: Quick flash mode; 3st: Vibration light mode.If the controller is not connected to the console, press Home Button and the LED pattern will be illuminated. Mapping Function Instruction

Press and hold “MR” Button, then input the single button (A/B/X/Y/L/R/ZL/ZR/+/-/D-pad Button and L/R joysticks) you want to map;The controller will have the vibration cue after loosing “MR” Button, and then press “XR” Button to trigger Programmable Buttons.The mapping function can also be achieved by using the ML Button as described above.)

How do I make this pure color switch pro controller show the exquisite pattern?

The first time you receive the controller without being connected to your console, you can press the Home button to active it. Then you can see its unique pattern.

Why does the pattern still not appear after pressing the Home button of this controller?

Check whether it is in either of the following conditions:

A.Out of power. Solution: Charge the controller and then press the Home button again.

B.In light off mode. Solution: Press Light Button and "+" Button to switch the lighting mode.

How to change the LED colors and the lighting modes?

A.Press Light Button:Always-on Mode.

B.Press Light and "+" Button:

1st:breathing light mode; 2nd:quick flash mode; 3rd:vibration lighting mode

C.Light Off Mode:Press and hold Light Button for 3s.

D.Colors will change each time you press Light Button.

How to calibrate the joystick of this switch gamepad?

A.HOME Menu - System Settings - Scroll down the menu on the left-hand side - Select Controllers and Sensors.

B.Select Calibrate Control Sticks - Tilt the joystick that you want to calibrate.

C.Follow the on-screen prompts to verify the joystick.

Frequently Bought Together on FUNLAB
Hidden-til-lit Display: It is one of our solutions to achieve this enhanced gaming experience. The surface decoration of switch controller design is seamlessly harmonized with lighting effects. When the LED is not active, it lies quietly as a pure pink controller. And when it turns on, the hidden pattern will light up your amazing gaming night.
Polychrome Breathing LED: Each time you press the Light button, 7 LED colors will change in sequence. 4 lighting modes of this switch pro controller for Halloween: breathing light mode, quick flash mode, vibration lighting mode, and always-on mode.
Back Paddle Buttons: Our switch pro controller wireless for Halloween can edit and define some buttons you want and enhance the gaming experience and meet the needs of hardcore competitive players.
Sensing Motion & Turbo Function: FUNLAB wireless switch controller is equipped with precise motion control and turbo function which supports continuous launch, suitable for various kinds of games such as shooting-game, flying-game, etc.
Battery Life: Our cute switch wireless controller for Halloween is built-in 3.7V/950mAH Lithium battery, and it can last up to 12.5 hours after being fully charged(turn lights off). Long endurance brings players uninterrupted gaming experience.
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“PDP Gaming Bundle: AIRLITE Headset + REMATCH Controller for Nintendo Switch/Lite/OLED”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description 500-230-MAR500-230-MAR 500-230-MAR500-230-MAR Paddle-Style Back Buttons

Re-map functions to the back buttons for quicker reactions and to customize your gameplay

500-230-MAR500-230-MAR Simple Audio Controls

Easily adjust volume using the patented controls directly on the D-pad, so you never need to interrupt gameplay

500-230-MAR500-230-MAR BUILT-IN AUDIO

3.5mm audio jack supports USB-chat in compatible titles, and immersive audio in all games

500-230-MAR500-230-MAR 500-230-MAR500-230-MAR IT'S A MATCH

Play all day in the AIRLITE Wired Headset. Built for comfort and immersive gameplay, you'll never want to take off this thoughtfully designed headset.

Power Pose MarioPower Pose Mario MEET THE FAMILY

Get the total package with our additional gaming accessories from this collection.

Lightweight headset (7 oz) constructed with soft padded earcups and headband for all-day gaming
Powerful, fine-tuned audio through 40mm drivers for immersive gameplay
3.5mm jack built into the controller for audio in all games and USB-chat for compatible titles
Customize your controller with dual programmable back buttons and interchangeable faceplate and pieces
Officially licensed by Nintendo
Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo. 2022 Nintendo
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YCCSKY Wireless PC Game Controller: Windows, Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck-Compatible, LED Light, Turbo Function, Vibration, Headphone Jack: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description

Can I use the controller to play Steam Deck or PC "Steam" Platform games directly?

Yes: Steam deck and Steam games for PC have already been adapted and can be played directly.

Can I use the controller to play PC "Epic " Platform games directly?

No: Online games are too complex to be adapted in advance, requiring customers to customize settings within the game system.


with 3.5mm Headphone Jack

1 Programmable Buttons 2 Turbo Function 3 Vibration Feedback 4 RGB Lights
【Wide Compatibility】The pc controller works with Windows system PC Computer & Laptop(7/8/10/11), Android system phones and Tablets, PS3, Steam deck, AndroidTV Box. Multifunctional game controller is your perfect choice for leisure and entertainment.
【Long Play Time】The computer controller is built with an 600mAh large-capacity battery embedded in the gamepad, so you don’t need to replace the battery. One charge lasts up to 15 hours. If the battery runs out, just plug in the USB cable and keep your gaming going.
【Connectivity Mode】Our wireless PC gaming controller has 2.4G wireless connection mode, WIFI connection mode and USB-C wired connection mode; the main 2.4G wireless connection mode can be connected at a long distance, and you no longer have to worry about being limited by the distance.
【Macro keys and Tubro-function】There are 2 Macro keys, namely M1 and M2, and Set key on the back. The PC controller's Turbo-function has three speeds, 8Hz-15Hz-25Hz, The default value is 15Hz, No need for indicator light.
【Adjustable Funtion】The built-in asymmetric motor can adjust the vibration amplitude, you can experience the best feeling in different games, and the built-in 3.5MM headphone jack, the game sound you hear makes you immersive. 9-color adjustable lights, colorful appearance, let your sense of immersion reach the best state.
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“Razer Kishi: Ultimate Mobile Gamepad for Xbox, Android & USB-C Devices”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller / Gamepad for Xbox Android USB-C: Game Pass Ultimate, xCloud, Cloud Gaming - Passthrough Charging - Low Latency Phone Controller Grip - Samsung, Pixel, & more.
Universal Mobile Gaming Controller: Designed to bring console-level control to your phone for gaming anywhere.
Cloud and Mobile Gaming: Compatible with leading cloud gaming services including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Stadia, Amazon Luna, GeForce NOW, & Steam Link; & hundreds of popular mobile games including Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, Brawlhalla, Asphalt 9: Legends, Black Desert Mobile, emulators, & many more
Refine Your Aim and Execution: Clickable analog thumbsticks provide greater accuracy and tactile feedback, and the performance buttons and d-pad deliver precision input
Latency-Free Gameplay: Unlike Bluetooth controllers which produce lag, the controller has zero latency by directly connecting to the device’s charging port
USB Type C Charging Port: For pass-through charging of your phone or tablet while using the controller.
Ergonomic, Flexible Design for a Comfortable Handheld Grip: Designed for long gaming sessions, the controller feels great to hold and can be stretched and clamped on most Android phones, providing a secure hold that won’t come loose during gaming