“Forty4 Wireless Gaming Controller: The Ultimate Gamepad for PC and Consoles”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description New Wireless Gaming Controller – Make You A Master Manipulator Video games have become world-famous and are getting access to teenage children. In this world of technology, kids can never be far behind. Moreover, in this generation, in shortage of fields and gardens, video games have taken the lead. This new gaming controller has a brand new frequency (2.4GHz). It also has a strong anti-interference, system controller, and bidirectional transmission. Compatible & Incompatible Wide Compatibility Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 (Xinput & Dinput), Vista, Android TV box, PS3, Switch and Android 4.0 & up (OTG adapter required (not included) ). PS: If the connection is unsuccessful, holding down the home button to switch the mode. Not Compatible: Not compatible with Xbox 360/ Xbox One/ Mac/ IOS/ PlayStation 4/ Amazon fire TV/ Amazon fire stick. PS: The games of the above devices may also be incompatible Package List 1x Wireless Game Controller 1x User Manual 1x USB Cable 1x Receiver OTG support This wireless controller supports OTG. Now you can also connect your wireless game controller not only with Windows but also with Androids and Tablets. Programmable “M” Buttons Any complex operation, you can edit as “M” Buttons. The combination keys that can be set are: (A, B, X, Y, LB, RB, L3, LT, RT, R3, direction keys: up, down, left, right) Wireless+Wired Mode It has a dual-mode. Once your battery is dead, you can plug in the USB cable and keep your gaming going. 【2.4GHz Wireless Technology】: This fantastic, reliable wireless technology has a long transmission distance. It has comparatively much better frequency than ISM bands. It also has a bidirectional transmission, allows system co-existence, and has substantial anti-interference.【Wide Compatibility】: The game controller is compatible with – Windows (Xinput and Dinput), PS3, Switch. It is not compatible with – Xbox 360, Xbox One, Mac, iOS, Playstation 4, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon fire stick.【M Buttons】: The presence of M buttons makes you a master manipulator. You can edit any complex operation as an M button. Combination keys are (A, B, X, Y, LB, RB, L3, LT, RT, R3). Direction keys are (up, down, left, and right).【Dual Vibration】: Asymmetrical and linear vibrating motor delivers separate feedback during the game. It enhances the realism of game scenarios. It gives you an excellent gaming experience to take your immersion to the next level.【Wireless & Wired Mode】: This is the most fantastic feature of this product. Once you are out of battery but are still willing to play, plug in the USB cable to connect the controller and game device, and switch to wired mode. Happy gaming!

The new wireless gaming controller features 2.4GHz wireless technology with strong anti-interference and bidirectional transmission. It is compatible with Windows, PS3, and Switch, but not with Xbox, Mac, iOS, or Playstation 4. The controller also features programmable “M” buttons for complex operations, dual vibration motors for enhanced feedback, and a dual-mode for wireless and wired gameplay. Additionally, it supports OTG for connection to Android devices and tablets. The package includes the controller, user manual, USB cable, and receiver. Overall, this controller offers a reliable and immersive gaming experience for a wide range of devices.

Price: $39.99 - $33.99
(as of Jul 10, 2024 21:42:39 UTC – Details)

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“AKNES Gulikit KK3 MAX Controller: Upgraded Back Button, 1000Hz Polling Rate, Hall Joysticks & Triggers – Wireless for Multiple Platforms”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description GuliKit KK3 MAX Controller GuliKit KK3 MAX Controller GuliKit KK3 MAX Controller GuliKit KK3 MAX Controller GuliKit KK3 MAX Controller GuliKit KK3 MAX Controller GuliKit KK3 MAX Controller GuliKit KK3 MAX Controller GuliKit KK3 MAX Controller GuliKit KK3 MAX Controller GuliKit KK3 MAX Controller GuliKit KK3 MAX Controller

What's the 1000Hz polling rate means?

1000Hz polling rate is used to describe the speed at which data is exchanged with the device, the higher the value, the faster the speed, and the lower the latency is proved. 1000Hz for KK3 Max is only supported on PC-Windows, wired or wireless.

What does Maglev Motor mean?

Maglev Motor is a new generation motor developed by GuliKit, it has three modes at the same time, Rotor motor mode, HD Liner motor mode, and Maglev vibration mode, you can switch your favorite mode at any time.

What's the Patent ‘Smarttrigger' technology of hall triggers?

The technique is that you can slide the switches on the back, to set for Digital Triggers enabling an ultra-fast rate of fire for shooting games, or Analog Triggers enabling pressure-sensitive action for car racing games.

What is the new upgraded version of KK3 Max and KK3 Pro? What is upgraded? Is this linked to a new version?


It mainly optimizes the internal structure of the back buttons and has been tested.

In addition, the RGB ring material around the joysticks has also been optimized and is smoother.

There are also some optimizations for internal materials.

What is the relationship between GuliKit and AKNES?

We are the exclusive agent of GuliKit.

There are different sellers currently selling.

AKNES, focusing on the products we provide, also attaches great importance to buyer services. You can search (AKNES) everywhere to see what we're doing.

New Upgraded Back Button. Compatible with Switch, Switch OLED, Switch Lite, Steam Deck LCD and OLED, Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. 1000Hz polling rate achievable via wired/wireless on Windows. The Bluetooth Version is Bluetooth 5.3.
Hall effect joysticks with 2200-level precision for more delicate micro-control, with deadzone switch and adjustable sensitivity. Patented "Smartrigger" Technology for digital or analog trigger modes.
Equipped with 4 detachable rear metal paddles that mapping any face buttons (not programming / not macro). Comes with 6 metal rear paddles (3 pairs).
Record your operations for up to 10 minutes and map to the APG button, which supports to use the joysticks for movement during the replay.
3 vibration modes can be switched at any time, Maglev motor vibration, HD linear motor vibration and rotor motor vibration, choose from 2 strength levels, light to strong.
Supports 8-direction or 4-direction d-pad modes, replaceable buttons, turbo/auto-turbo, 6-axis gyro, NFC-amiibo, Switch awake, and patented motion aim assist with 3-level sensitivity adjustment for FPS games on Wins/Android.
Skin-like surface and non-slip dotted texture grip. Adjustable RGB lighting modes. 950mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery.
Shop with confidence and enjoy top customer support from AKNES. Contact us if you run into any issues and we'll be happy to assist you. Read more about us on our store page.
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“KOORUI 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Compact 68 Key Mini Wired Keyboard with Red Switch and LED Backlit for Windows PC/Mac/Xbox”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description

Compact size, easy to carry around, can be used at home, office or on business trips

gaming keyboardgaming keyboard keyboardkeyboard

All Keys No-conflict

Full-key anti-ghosting technology ensures that every keystroke is registered, and even when multiple keys are pressed at the same time, the keyboard's super-responsive speed keeps up with your best moves, allowing you to enjoy a seamless, uninterrupted gaming experience and help you win games.



type ctype c


The waterproof feature allows you to play games without having to worry about spilling drinks on your keyboard ever again.

Double-shot Keycaps

The double-layer injection molding design of the keycaps makes them resistant to color fading and durable.

Type-C Interface

To connect to the host computer, simply use the Type-C cable for direct charging, plug and play.

KOORUI keyboardKOORUI keyboard
💙【68 Keys with Gorgeous Backlighting】 The gaming keyboard 60 percent can save desk space. The detachable Type-C cable and small size make it easy to carry around for home/office use or business trips. It offers 26 backlighting modes with RGB effects, providing over 16 million color combinations to personalize your keyboard's appearance.
💙【High-quality Mechanical Keyboard】 Kourui 68 key mechanical keyboard has two options: red switch or blue switch.Both of them has better button feedback than regular keyboard,helping you embark on victory of gaming.Also,The dual color injection molded keycap is made of high-quality ABS material and adopts laser engraving technology, with a 50million times keystroke life test that can be used for a long time without fading.
💙【Anti-Ghosting Technology】 Full-key anti-ghosting technology ensures that every keystroke is registered, and even when multiple keys are pressed at the same time, the keyboard's super-responsive speed keeps up with your best moves, allowing you to enjoy a seamless, uninterrupted gaming experience and help you win games.
💙【Multi-Functionality and Compatibility】 The mini keyboard features 12 multi-function keys for convenient multimedia control, including volume adjustment and media playback. It is compatible with both Apple and Microsoft operating systems, and the multi-function combination keys are also compatible.
💙【KOORUI SERVICES】 KOORUI provide high-quality gamer keyboard and premium services, included 12 months warranty. If you find any damage, malfunction or missing accessories, please feel free to contact us.
💙【Red switch or blue switch】 Quiet red switch: Provides linear keystrokes without tactile collisions or clicks. This silent gaming keyboard produces minimal noise and allows for quick and easy typing. Clicky blue switch: When pressed, a noticeable tactile collision can be felt. The combination of tactile feedback and sound clicks is very suitable for gamers. You can choose what you like.
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“Get the Renewed GuliKit ZEN PRO Controller for Nintendo Switch and More in Raven Purple”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

This pre-owned or refurbished product has been professionally inspected and tested to work and look like new. How a product becomes part of Amazon Renewed, your destination for pre-owned, refurbished products: A customer buys a new product and returns it or trades it in for a newer or different model. That product is inspected and tested to work and look like new by Amazon-qualified suppliers. Then, the product is sold as an Amazon Renewed product on Amazon. If not satisfied with the purchase, renewed products are eligible for replacement or refund under the Amazon Renewed Guarantee.
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“Snprdiri 2.4G Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo: Mini 60% Mechanical Keyboard with Ergonomic Small Wireless Mouse (Red/Black)”: Available now at [price_with_discount]

Product Description SnpurdiriSnpurdiri wireless gaming keyboard and mousewireless gaming keyboard and mouse wireless gaming keyboard and mousewireless gaming keyboard and mouse small wireless gaming keyboardsmall wireless gaming keyboard 60 perccent wireless gaming keyboard and mouse combo60 perccent wireless gaming keyboard and mouse combo
【Small Gaming keyboard and Mouse Combo】The scientific choice is a wireless compact 60% keyboard and a cute pocket-sized mouse, which strives to create a perfect red-black combination of gaming and office. Slim and lightweight design makes it not occupy much space and provide convenience for travel.Note: The USB receiver is in the bottom of the small keyboard.
【2.4G wireless keyboard and mouse】Snpurdiri 2 in 1 keyboard and mouse set shares only a USB tiny receiver placed under the bottom of the keyboard. It adopts advanced stable 2.4G wireless transmission technology, and the mini keyboard and mouse have no signal interference, no delay. The effective transmission distance is 10 meters.
【Rechargeable & Long Battery Life】This rechargeable 60 percent keyboard is equipped with 2000 mAh battery. It only takes 2 hours to charge the keyboard by 5V/1A , and it can be used continuously for more than 44 hours. Support energy-saving sleep mode.
【Ergonomic Design and Mechanical Feel】Snpurdiri small gaming keyboard key height and vertical-feeling mouse is designed according to ergonomics,and the classic gaming set is not easy to fatigue after long-term use. It has a mechanical feel suitable for games, but it also has the special features of a silent keyboard and mouse combo suitable for office.Snpurdiri 60 keyboard also remain RGB backlight to enhance work or game atmosphere.
【Instructions for use】Before using this product, please turn the switch on the upper right corner of the keyboard to the on position, and turn the switch on the bottom of the mouse to the on (no light) or LED (light) position.There will be a little delay if the battery power of the keyboard and mouse is too low.
【Charging Instructions】Please use a DC:5V adapter to charge it. The charging indicator will turn off when fully charged. (If you use the USB interface to charge, due to the small current and large battery capacity, the charging time will be very long)